Norman Trantham - 2013-11-27

I am running a mumble server on one of my VPS'.

Just using it for family gaming, so I am trying to set up all of the accounts for our family so I can just send them their username\passwords.

The problem is this. Once I add my server to the client and login with a user, I can then no longer change the username\password to a attempt to register a new user. The client will automatically log me in with the last valid username I logged in with.

In the client, I add my server to my list of favorites in the server list.

I created my account lets call it admin1 on the server. Set a register password so a password is required for new users to logon.

disconnect, click connect, choose my server, select edit, change the username\password. When I then click connect I am logged back in with my admin1 account.

I have tried to delete my server from the favorites lists, and it still does this.

I was able to use a different computer's client to register a single new user (lets say user1), but then as soon as I try to change to register another user (user2) it will reconnect me as user1.

If I login from a client and use admin1; I can change back and forth from user1 to admin1 (disconnect, connect, edit server, connect.) If I change to an unregistered user (user2) and try to login the client logs me in as the last user I used (either user1 or admin1.)

How do you tell the client to "forget" all login information so you can register multiple new users from the same client?

I have tried deleting the "mumble.sqlite" file from "C:\users{my username}\AppData\Roaming\Mumble"

The client just re-creates it upon first run.