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  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2007-10-22

    I could use some help promoting Mumble.

    First order of business is updating the wikipedia article at
    I can't do this myself as I'm obviously a biased source. I saw there was some questions about the use of the Mumble logo there; the logo comes from our own wiki, which is licensed under creative commons, so it's perfectly compatible with wikipedia. So.. Start typing!

    Second, we probably should get Mumble uploaded to as many freeware sites as possible. Some sites mirror everything from, but this is far from the norm.
    I don't want us to actually upload anything yet, but if someone is willing to do the research into how to maximize market penetration with minimum effort I would greatly appreciate it. I know there are a few software packages out there that handle uploading to a zillion shareware sites for you, but that's all I know. Now, when I say research I don't just mean "post the google results", I actually mean testing this out and see how much work it is, and finding out how much it costs ;)

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2007-12-06

      I made a pad file for mumble and uploaded it to a few shareware sites.

      And, what do you know, these guys aren't altruistic and friendly at all. Most of them demand money to list you. demanded $235 to avoid a mandatory 15 day wait before they considered my application. Since I didn't pay, we may get listed in two weeks. Tucows demanded $50 or so to avoid a 700 day wait. I kid you not; we'll be listed there in approximately 2 years. Other sites promised "expedited processing" if you linked back to them from your website. IE: If you improve their google rating, they'll list you.

      And all of this is per upload. So when 1.1.2 is out, I'd have to pay it all over again, or I could shell out for the $1000/year "premium" memberships.

      Anyway, I've listed us at a few sites that accept software as it is, and rely on advertising incoming to cover their costs. And I'm now all the more thankfull for the wonderful download service offered by

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-12-06

      at least don't charge

    • David McKeon

      David McKeon - 2007-12-07

      Might want to post 1.1.1 on, lots of people rss feed that site.

      • David McKeon

        David McKeon - 2007-12-07

        Oh, you could try getting an article on That would get you 6million eyes in a day. Even comments in the forums would garner a million hits most days.

    • Pilot_51

      Pilot_51 - 2007-10-22

      I don't see a problem if you update the Wikipedia article as long as you avoid anything that involves opinion. You know more about Mumble than anyone since you developed it, so you're the least likely to get the details wrong as to what it can do. You would also be the best person to add the logo since you pretty much own it.
      I've thought of adding to it but I either don't know where to start (there's so much stuff to tell!) or what I want to say would be too biased like "it's better than TeamSpeak and Ventrilo". I'll probably put some more time into it soon and actually get some size into the article.

      Uploading to freeware sites is a good idea, but it's best to post the latest version as early as possible, long before any planned future versions that will possibly be incompatible. You wouldn't want a version to be posted on a hosting site only to be incompatible with a new version released a month later.
      Most sites I know of are free to upload to, and personally I wouldn't pay to upload to a site I don't think is very popular since I think more than enough could be done for free. All that really needs to be done is to get the name out there with TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, so just as all TS users know about Vent and vice versa, they would also know about Mumble. I think the most common way for people to find out about this kind of software is by word of mouth as most of the promotion has been so far or promotion on gaming servers like BF2.
      So far I know that FileFront, FilePlanet, and SnapFiles lets you upload for free. FilePlanet and FileFront might be geared towards games, but they also host other software and especially gaming oriented programs as Mumble is. As far as I can tell, SnapFiles requires that the developer of the software creates a free Developer Account and submits the software. The CNET network of sites (including seems to be targeted for commercial shareware products, but I'm certain they support freeware hosting for free somehow.
      I don't know anything about services that do all the submissions for you, probably because they cost money and I usually ignore things that cost to make a free process easier.

      • Thorvald Natvig

        Thorvald Natvig - 2007-10-22

        While I may be able to update the Wikipedia article, it's considered bad form :) So I'd appreciate if someone else could fill out at least a bit more before I start editing.

        The reason I bring up freeware sites now is that we're expected to stay with the 1.1 branch for some time, and I don't foresee any immediate protocol changes in it. Meaning 1.1.0 and 1.1.7 should be perfectly compatible. Word of mouth happens regardless of freeware sites, but having a few freeware sites does give us larger exposure.

    • Bad-Boy86

      Bad-Boy86 - 2007-10-23

      So first I will say thanks for that great program.
      The German Wikipedia article is better than the English one. The article is up to date.
      We are 3 German Pages which will make mumble bigger. We give Support and host mumble Server for clans for free. Our big problem is that the mumble wiki is not up to date. The visitors on our pages climb up.
      Please have a look on our pages: (7 Servers + 1 Public Server) , and and write me back per email

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2007-10-31

      I know the wiki can be outdated, but the entire point of making it a Wiki was to let others help writing it.

      Anyway, if others have any input to this thread, please chime in. We'd like to see a larger userbase, and word of mouth doesn't really work if everybody is quiet all the time ;)

    • search66

      search66 - 2007-11-07


      Here is an honest viewpoint from a normal user. Firstly, I love the program. I'm so excited about it and will be donating.

      Secondly, in order to permeate the general public, you are going to have to have better installation documentation. I can easily install Ventrilo and TeamSpeak on any server without glitch... as well as the majority of end-users...

      However, I haven't even attempted to install Murmur because the documentation is enigmatic to say the least.

      Let's do this! I'm with ya!

    • clleng0

      clleng0 - 2007-11-09

      I'm a raid leader in World of Warcraft, and I'm impressed with the quality of your program. There's a few features that I haven't found yet, and it might be nice to have them at some point. As an alternative to TS or Vent, Mumble and Murmur are definite contenders.

      I'm already evangelizing... probably will have most of my guild converted from Vent in the week.

      Also, for folks out there who think they're legally permitted to run down-revision Ventrilo servers that were once available to the general public, think again. Ventrilo's position is that running such a down-revision server is fraud, and they say so right on their site. It's this kind of arrogance that annoys me most, and I will do all I can to promote a free, open-source alternative.

      • Andrew Dodd

        Andrew Dodd - 2007-11-23

        cleng0 - Do you have someone in your guild providing hosting and server access, or have you found a commercial host?

        I see Mumble's "commercial hosting" page, but it doesn't actually list any commercial hosts.

        I'd like to evangelize Mumble to my EVE-Online alliance, but as we depend on commercial hosting, I cannot do so until I find someone who provides commercial Mumble hosting.

        • Malkavian

          Malkavian - 2007-11-28

          The only comercial hosting I have found is I can't find a contact email, but i talked whit them in their own murmur server: Mumble IP: Mumble Port: 64738 Or maybe you can contact them in forums. Please if you rent them a server, talk about how well or bad is it.

          I think that a subsection in "Commercial Hosting" about commercial renters could be great, because people is looking ofr it and it's free advertising for mumble renters (and it will make murmur and mumble more popular).

          • Sounds

            Sounds - 2007-12-05

            I host and run As of right now we have no persons renting murmur servers with us unfortunately, and we had stopped offering services due to the audio cut out glitch(we host on win64) which has recently been fixed. We could really use a web panel of some sorts for user registration and such, if anyone would like to help with that. I'm just too busy with other projects/administration to find time to code a panel unfortunately, and it seems that's one of the big drawbacks to murmur/mumble right now, administration just isn't very fun at all. I can be reached at via email or on xfire @ soundszor.

        • clleng0

          clleng0 - 2007-11-28

          I host my own murmur server on a separate Windows 2003 R2 box running over my shared cable line. Our user load can be as high as 20 people. My latency on a full load like this still stays under 150ms.

          I see no performance hits.

    • search66

      search66 - 2007-11-12

      Well spoken clleng0... I also run a guild and have quickly converted everyone to Murmur. The quality and flexibility speaks for itself.

      Some people are still stuck in their ways and it's all about "Vent"; especially new members. However, once they try it... they never go back.


    • search66

      search66 - 2007-11-27

      I use my own host/website... I use Installed it myself... Was pretty easy, and everyone here is very helpful.

      My guild website is:

      Stop by in Mumble sometime! (default port)


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