Xevie and Wine

  • Sebastian Schlingmann

    Just a note to all users of the Xevie GlobalShortcut plugin for Mumble:

    In some cases it might affect other applications. I was running a game with wine an Mumble with Xevie enabled. Hotkeys worked, but the game started to continuously trigger input events (so the game character would turn constantly or walk forward all the time). I had no such problems when using /dev/input for the GlobalShortcuts.

    I am assuming this is a Xevie problem, maybe only in connection with Wine.

    • javitonino

      javitonino - 2007-10-28

      There are a couple of other programs (aka games) with this problem, apart from wine. Anyways, I solved it by playing with the key repetition rate settings, take a look at this thread: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1777488&forum_id=492607
      Probable, the easiest solution is to stick with /dev/input but you can try changing the key repetition sliders a bit to see if it helps.


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