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Offering linux snapshots

  • javitonino

    javitonino - 2007-10-26

    I've read here ( that linux version of mumble doesn't get much testing. I am thinking of compiling some snapshots of mumble and putting them online, so people that doesn't like compiling can help betatesting Mumble for Linux easily.
    Will be anyone using these? Anyone that wants to help a bit but doesn't want compiling?

    • David McKeon

      David McKeon - 2007-12-06

      You know a very cool thing would be a free VMware image with murmur and mumble running on it. Or just a very basic server setup with no graphics? Qemu img would be nice also. Vmware is free for playing or single user server version now.

    • Álvaro M. Recio Pérez

      I would like to help betatesting. I can test them in Ubuntu Gutsy.

    • Tschaka

      Tschaka - 2007-10-30

      i'd like to beta test some snapshots as well. gutsy, 64 bit :)

    • gabrielcz

      gabrielcz - 2007-11-02

      I think it´s will be a good idea to make "virtual machines" using vmware (or other), but vmservers with QT4, phpmyadmin, php interfaces, etc...

      • Sebastian Schlingmann

        Nice idea! At least for Murmur this would be a really good project. Easy to setup, easy to backup, easy to migrate. Hopefully not that large in size...

    • javitonino

      javitonino - 2007-11-03

      Just to test if it works. I tried it on a just installed virtual machine (with Qt 4.3) and it worked, so it should work on pretty much everything but I am not sure if the compiler is making some specific optimization for my CPU, that could break compatibility so...
      Anyway, here is the link (hosted in one of those download sites):
      Hope somebody enjoy it. If someone tests it, I would like to see some reports on whether it works or not.

      About that virtual machine idea, I would try to make a clean installation of a minimum OS, with Qt, murmurd and little more to see if it is feasible to do it (mostly thinking of size and virtualization performance).

      • Sebastian Schlingmann

        I tested your binaries on a current Gentoo Linux.
        Keep in mind: this machine is able to build Mumble svn - so it may have some libs a clean install has not...

        Murmur is running just fine - I can connect to it and use it.

        Mumble produces the following error:

        ./mumble: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

        There is no "" file on my system - just "".

        • javitonino

          javitonino - 2007-11-03

          This is no different than a svn compile, and if you can compile mumble, it doesn't have much sense. Anyway, thanks for trying :)
 is in nas package. It appears that Qt like to link with everything it cans, and it have linked to nas. On gentoo it probably doesn't do that (those lovely USE flags) so you may not have nas installed.
          While reviewing the qmake process, it seems that it even compiles with cups support. I'll try to reduce those dependencies, as I really doubt that mumble wants to print something :/