French translation

  • Jeremie Horhant

    Jeremie Horhant - 2008-01-17


    I wish to work on a French translation of this project. And I need some details to start.

    • Is Mumble staff agree for that ?
    • Is there already one ? (I've not seen any French words in mumble)
    • Where to start the translation in priority ? Software / FAQ / Other docs.
    • Sascha Jüngling

      Start mumble, go to Configuration -> Options -> User interface

      Select "fr" from the dropdown, click "Apply". Close Mumble and start it again.

      Voila, there's french for you ;). There are some parts still in English, but it might be because slicer forgot to put the latest language files in the release :P You'd have to ask slicer if it's really incomplete or if it just was a mistake (like with the German lang file, too).

      However, as a general hint: Mumble uses Qt language files. These can be edited for example with Qt Linguist, some normal Texteditor (very inconvenient), or any other translation tool which can work with Qt language files.


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