Mumble Music Streaming

  • James

    James - 2012-07-12

    So, I've got a cable and I can play music through winamp to mumble. It works!
    But... problem I can open 2 clients but I can only stay connected to one,
    they're both connected to the same server bur one client will disconnect while
    the other reconnects; they will do this back and forth until I close one
    client; how am I supposed to talk if I can't have 2 clients up that stay
    connected to the same server at the same time?

  • Nicos Gollan

    Nicos Gollan - 2012-07-12

    Are you running at least one client instance in "multiple" mode, i.e., with
    the -m parameter, and with another identity? You cannot log in to a server
    with the same ID more than once.

    One solution would be to mix voice and music in hardware and stream everything
    through a single client. This takes some time and money for a proper mixer and
    cabling, but gives you ridiculous flexibility.

  • James

    James - 2012-07-12

    Well, I change my username under the connect area but it never shows the name
    change in the server that I'm connecting to...

  • James

    James - 2012-07-12

    Could be that I registered myself to this server? how do I unregister?

  • Natenom

    Natenom - 2012-07-12

    You don't need to unregister.

    The reason why the first client disconnects is probably your client
    certificate. You can't use the same certificate for two clients on the same

    If you really need to connect with a second client, you must supress the
    You can do this by:
    1. adding -n to the Mumble link on your desktop
    2. changing settings: Configure -> Settings -> Network -> "Suppress certificate and password storage". This option is not stored in the configuration and must be enabled after every start of Mumble.

    A better solution for streaming music is to create a "portable Mumble" for
    your streaming client; there are many howtos about this, google :)
    The advantages: the second client has its own settings, database and

    If you connect with different certificates, you can have several clients on
    the same server.

    Happy streaming :)