dropped messeges? WinXP SP3 RC

  • M^3

    M^3 - 2007-12-27

    I am not sure if it is a bug or a system problem or what, but after installing rc1 of windows XP service pack 3, some of my viop messages didn't go through. I was getting ready to play my weekly thursday night game of Dungeon Siege 2 with my friend in California. He wasn't responding to many of my questions or comments and when I asked him about it 9a couple times) it turns out he never heard them. The lips icon was changing color with the push to talk so I assume I was transmitting. I wanted to get playing so we switched back to teamspeak (which is his preference anyway, he is the one that sometimes hears echos when I speak and hasn't yet upgraded his audio drivers) so I don't have a lot to go on, but I am curious if anyone else has seen anything like this.

    • Pilot_51

      Pilot_51 - 2007-12-29

      The first thing to do is make sure who has the problem. Get another friend or another PC with Mumble and see if the same problem occurs. If you still have the problem, it's likely either your Mumble or your Murmur. If not, it's your friend.
      To find out whether it's Mumble or Murmur, try joining a public server and see if you still have the problem. If so, it's probably Mumble. If not, it's probably Murmur. You're welcome to test on my server if you'd like.

      It's possible that network or system configuration could cause it, but let's not get into that until you've tried solving it within Mumble/Murmur.

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-12-28

      It happened again last night. I paid close attention to the audio statistics which showed that mumble was hearing me and the lips icon which showed that it was transmitting and yet my friend was not hearing every message. The server is also running on my machine, so it is hard to know which may have been affected by SP3 (if that is the culprit).


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