Keybounce - 2013-02-10

Mumble has a really nice volume level correction. However, it only works for stuff that, as far as I can tell, comes in from the microphone and is going out to the server.

In other words, anything I record from Mumble is nice -- stuff that the other people are saying is corrected on their end, uploaded to the server, and records at a nice volume level.

Equally, anything I am saying gets volume corrected, and sent to the server, and recorded nicely. (I don't know if it is recorded before, or after, the server round trip.)

I'd like to be able to use that for other stuff.

I've got a bunch of older recordings with crappy volume adjustments -- primarily skype recordings -- and I'd love to use a good automatic volume adjustment.

Is there any way (future feature? :-) to give an audio track to mumble, and have it generate a new, volume corrected audio track?