Gabriel Mazetto - 2014-07-25

Hi, I've been searching for how to make ICE work with ruby, so I can try murmur, and I came to the conclusion that ICE support for Ruby is really not well maintained. So I would to humbly ask, is ICE the only suitable "RPC/RTP" protocol for Mumble? I'm not a C++ developer, but I found that Apache Thrift looks like to be very similar in features to ICE, and have a very bigger user-base and supports more languages than ICE.

I'm sure this is something that cannot be made in a few hours of hacking code, but, can you please evaluate a future change from ICE to something else in the future? Or maybe implement both?

Apache Thrift is the Facebook alternative to BufferProtocol (google).

I'm also not sure about other side effects like latency, but I found something that can shed some light on the that :

Hope that it all helps.

(As a side note, what I mean by not so good support for Ruby, is that ZeroC still requires ruby 1.9.3 which is very close to the EOL, which makes me less confident that they will keep supporting new versions).

Thanks for your time and for the awesome piece of software :)