Individual Volume Control

  • Loso

    Loso - 2010-09-02

    It would be nice if it were possible for a user the control the volume of
    other users individually on client side. This is the only feature that we
    really miss from using Ventrilo

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2010-09-02

    There’s a special positional audio plugin where you can place persons where
    you want them to.
    Didn’t find or try it yet though. But it’s listed in the Wiki.

  • Loso

    Loso - 2010-09-02

    still it would be nice to have as a backup to the AGC because even after
    people go through the setup they may still be to quite or to loud and its
    usually much simpler to control there volume client side then to get them to

    even if you need to enable the ability under advanced settings, it would be
    really useful to have the option at least.

  • cid fits

    cid fits - 2010-11-13

    i agree losobie. it is a feature that needs to be added. agc is a poor excuse
    to not include individual volume control. back ground noises change, mic
    posistion changes, hardware itself changes, new mic, dusty mic, sat on mic.
    some people can here others fine because they have no sleeping girlfriend in
    the room with them and can turn up overall volume to compensate.honestly this
    is a deciding factor for me and probably most others, if could run a 50+person
    vent server for free i would never pick mumble over vent. for as simple a
    feature as this would be to add i kinda think its ridiculous that you dont
    escpecially since your only reasoning is that
    "Mumble employs AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to normalize the volumes of all
    players automatically. This means the individual adjustment of a single user
    is not required, nor wanted. We feel that it makes no sense for every user on
    a server to adjust the volume of someone manually when the person in question
    could just fix things on his end instead."

    haha i find this statement funny since individual volume control is the single
    most wanted thing for mumble from every person who ive ever known to use it.
    that plus the fact that it makes total sense for everyone on the server to
    adjust volume to there own preference instead of make some else configure
    their settings for you, settings which might not be as perfect for others.
    stop being lazy and add the dam feature

  • Stefan H.

    Stefan H. - 2010-11-13

    @cidfits: I'm kinda curious. How does mocking people you ask something from
    work out for you in daily life? Or is that an internet only thing? I can
    assure you that this feature was and is omitted deliberately and not due to
    laziness on our part.

    If people are still to quiet after going through the wizard (and following its
    instructions) then there's usually nothing to be done for their audio. You can
    always amplify it but quality would be severely deteriorated (which is why AGC
    doesn't) and the noisefloor would get really annoying. But this usually
    doesn't happen as hardware producing such audio is nothing short of broken.
    Most of the time people just don't bother actually completing the wizard
    (especially the part where it asks you to adjust your microphone input level /
    mic boost to the right level).

    Of course boosting the audio on your end and might be a quick fix for you (if
    you are willing to take the penalty in quality) but this way the underlying
    issue will never get fixed.

    Is it really that unreasonable of us to assume it is better to get one person
    to fix the issue once and for all than making everyone else suffer instead?

    Note: I do not claim that AGC is perfect. It is a piece of software and can
    have bugs/shortcomings. If you have a situation in which the audio coming from
    your mic is bearable and yet Mumble/AGC messes it up record a representative
    snippet of raw (source) audio and we will look into the issue.

  • Frank

    Frank - 2011-02-22

    I agree with the design philosophy that "many shouldn't have to adjust what
    can be fixed by one", I am running into the following issue:

    Speaker "A" appears to be loud (and slightly distorted) to both my wife and
    me. (Windows 7 64-bit, mumble-1.2.3-latest, server is 1.2.3-rc2 on Linux,
    sitting in a datacenter)

    Asking others, they don't see anything wrong with speaker "A".
    Talking speaker "A" through "please lower your audio input" doesn't seem to
    have an effect.

    I'm don't have too much knowledge of sound, mixing, and all that. How do you
    troubleshoot that within a reasonable timeframe? I've searched the Wiki, I've
    looked through both forums (no, not all posts...) Is speaker "A"'s Windows
    system messed up? Too low (too much artificial amplification)? Too high? Too
    much auto-boost on his end?

    Add to that the fact that nobody else seems to have an issue, I'd guess it's
    somewhere in our PCs. Now, if it is in our PCs, then I'd like to be able to
    fix the issue on our PCs. Of course, it could be some setting somewhere in our
    sound drivers, perhaps? Perhaps some interaction with WoW and mumble?
    If AGC works so great, why do some people all of a sudden sound a lot quieter
    than others? As it's the raid leader - and frequently the important things
    come across quietly - I'd like to make sure I can hear that person, without
    making her a priority speaker and muting everyone else, especially if she
    drops below the game sound volume.

    I don't see a "volume troubleshooting guide" to point people to - other than
    "re-run the wizard. I fear the issue might be on my end (and no, I don't let
    Windows adjust volumes based on which apps are active) - and as it might be on
    my end, I can understand people asking to be able to adjust "on their end".

    It could, of course, simply be the fact that I didn't spend my youth in clubs
    and discos (sad, I know), and might have ears that are more sensitive to
    volume differences between people.

    If someone could help me out by pointing me anywhere useful and helpful, I'd
    appreciate it a lot!

  • lloewe

    lloewe - 2011-02-23

    Is it really that unreasonable of us to assume it is better to get one
    person to fix the issue once and for all than making everyone else suffer

    No, but IMHO it's unreasonable to assume that people always want to go through
    the fixing process or even to assume that there is an issue to fix.

    Sometimes you just want to have different volume levels for different people
    even with AGC working perfectly because you do want to hear person A louder
    than person B.

    And sometimes you do want a simple quick and dirty fix on your end within 5
    seconds when your other option is to spend 15 minutes talking a computer
    illiterate through the fixing process and end up right where you started.

    In the real world there are some good reasons why you would want individual
    volume control and I think it's a bit odd for mumble not to provide its users
    with this choice - especially considering that there apparently is quite a
    demand for this feature.

  • Danny

    Danny - 2011-04-08

    I recently changed over to Mumble and this is the my most wanted feature by
    far. It also seems that this feature is very much wanted by the community as
    well. Also, from the research I've done it just seems as if the devs are being
    damn stubborn. Sure their philosophy makes sense, but it doesn't merit not
    having the feature as it would be extremely useful in many situations.

    Sometimes you just WANT to hear people louder or not as loud as other people.
    Like for example a winamp music stream, I used to this with my girlfriend when
    we played games together when she was away with ventrilo, but I definitely
    wanted to hear the music lower than a normal user. There are many situations
    where you just dont want to hear someone at the normalized volume, whether it
    be lower or higher.

    Also, there should be no reason why the feature should not just be there just
    as a "quick fix" to be able to hear someone or to turn them down without
    bothering to explain the them and walking them through the wizard.

  • zam

    zam - 2011-04-20

    It is not really problem of AGC. I want mumble volume control for plenty of
    other reasons. These are for online gaming in huge groups.
    -some people do start to raising voice volume when they get emotional during argument, i want to have them on 80% of normal voice so when they got emotional my ears dont hurt .
    - when there is group of people talking you can say 1st person opinion is more worth then 2nd for you. Normally you wont understand both of them when they talk at the same time. When you put one person on 50% and second 100% you still hear first one when no one is talking and you dont really hear him when someone is talking.
    -it could be also used as a equivalent of mute, you really cant stand one person so instead of muting you put him on 5 % just to know when he is speaking and not interrupt him.

    I remember once there was one person that was really getting on my nerves so i
    was lowering his volume 5% every time he made some low level taunt&insult.
    After he ended muted he started to insult me on forums but it was laughable so
    everyone got fun at least.

    Disadvantages of having volume control for each user:

  • Angie

    Angie - 2012-06-23

    In my guild, there is one player that I can barely hear. Everyone else is
    fine. Also, everyone else can hear that player fine. Clearly, if I had the
    means to do so in Mumble, I could turn that player up and solve the problem.
    But there is no such option in Mumble, so my alternatives are to turn up the
    inbound audio in Mumble or to turn up my overall compouter volume level.

    If I turn up my inbound audio in Mumble OR turn up my computer volume,
    everyone else is WAY too loud. The user I can't hear refuses to turn up his
    outbound level in Mumble, saying it will then be too loud for everyone but me.
    Although I think the AGC would cut down his level since AGC is generally much
    better at attenuating overly strong signals than it is at boosting weak
    signals, he doesn't feel he needs to try turning himself up since everyone but
    me can hear him just fine. Clearly, the finger of blame for not being able to
    hear him is pointing squarely at me even though it may not be justified at

    I think when Mumble gurus say they don't want individual volume controls in
    their app because they are "not needed or wanted," they are being
    disingenuous. The truth is probably that they are not willing or able to put
    them in for "reasons" that make sense only to them. With so many people on
    this and other forums begging for individual volume controls in Mumble, it
    seems that they are "not wanted" only by the developers of Mumble.

    That's a shame, and a disservice to the Mumble-using community.

    • Bike Helmet

      Bike Helmet - 2014-07-27

      "In my guild, there is one player that I can barely hear. Everyone else is
      fine. Also, everyone else can hear that player fine."

      Same situation with one person on my Steam friends list. He's ridiculously quiet in Mumble, but sounds fine on Skype, Ventrilo, and other voicechat programs. You can emulate his volume level well enough by dropping Mumble from 100% volume to 4% in the Windows mixer control. He's basically completely inaudible - even extremely quiet background music (or just opening a window) completely drowns him out.

      I think ACG is malfunctioning somehow, and making him more quiet rather than more loud. That's the only explanation that I have for everything else (including Skype) working properly. But oddly enough, other people can hear him just fine. We're on Mumble 1.2.7, if that matters. (Latest version.)

      Based on the tone of their FAQ, I doubt the developers care about this essential feature - but I did a quick poll of my Steam friends list, and out of two dozen of us 100% agreed that this is the only big problem in otherwise great software.


  • Wizzard

    Wizzard - 2013-07-05

    Creating a bot for that can play songs over Mumble, Ventrilo, etc. However, the songs are louder than everyone and overpower everything with no way to turn them down on Mumble. It looks like it won't work for Mumble.