Call of Duty 4 Positional Audio

  • Sounds

    Sounds - 2007-12-05

    I really think if someone took the time to code a plugin for COD4 it might really help get the word out about mumble. Any idea if it's possible. It uses Miles new 5.1 audio.

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-12-06

      After I clarified my question I got this response -

      "No problem, Michael - I see what you mean. I think what you're asking about is really up to the game author, not us -- we don't have the concept of a 'player' in our API, just lower-level objects such as samples and streams. The player's position in XYZ space doesn't necessarily have anything at all to do with what position is passed to the sound API; in fact, it's very common for games to leave the listener at (0,0,0) and position the sound sources relative to that. "

      That last line reminds me of something Slicer had complained about when he dropped also support if I remember correctly.

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-12-05

      Not that I expect anything from it, but I sent them an email requesting that they publish positional info to an API to make it easier for a plugin to be made for mumble and any other game VOIP application to use. If I hear anything I post it here.

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-12-06

      I think he misunderstood me:

      from: "John Miles to Mitch, me

      Hi, Michael --

      You can assign 3D positions to voice samples, just like any other sample or
      stream. The 3D positioner is actually pretty easy to call independently of
      the rest of the system, by using AIL_calculate_3D_channel_levels() and
      AIL_set_sample_channel_levels() explicitly instead of
      AIL_set_sample_3D_position() and the other built-in positioning calls.

      -- john
      RAD Game Tools"

      But I thanked him for his time anyway.


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