Suggestions, Problems, ETC.

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-06

    The first thing i would like to mention is that i use my mouse5 key for push
    to talk. But when mumble is open and i want to talk my mouse5 button also
    drags channels/moves me and i think that should be fixed so only mouse1 drags

    A file transfer system built in would be really great with ACL's and stuff.
    Specified groups can transfer files and they are kept for X amount of time.
    Unregistered users can transfer files and they are kept for a different X
    amount of time.
    Allowed groups can attach files in comments of channels and their personal
    Up to 5mb by default, max 20?

    I think there should be a feature that functions just like Priority Speaker
    but sets default channel, and has an icon beside the channel showing its the
    default maybe a
    Whoever has Write ACL can change it in a right click context button. Having
    everyone join the root channel is ugly.

    Whisper is really unconvenient since you need to keybind every person you want
    to whisper. I think the Overlay should have basic input functionality so you
    can click and hold someones icon/name and it will whisper them.

    Maybe a checkbox so you can share your overlay settings with everyone in your
    channel so you can try them out and use which you like.

    Maybe stickytargeting for channel chats. You have to click the channels icon
    to switch your SEND MESSAGE TO <ROOM> location.

    If you have ever used ventrilo you know how lazy people are, and how much they
    hate downloading something new. So maybe a webbased/java version of mumble
    that can be accessed online? :) Not sure if its possible.

    How about less harsh .ogg files. I thought someone was breaking into my house
    when i turned the PTT audio cue on.

    I think admins should be able to see if people are whispering to eachother, so
    how about the "----" tree structure turns red from player a to player b when
    they are whispering.

    AutoRegister User Setting?
    Timed register user?

    Why are the channel icons pictures of satellites? Kind of irrelevant. Having
    the satellites tiny reciever lighting up is kind of hard to see, maybe the
    entire icon can turn green or something.

    Semitransparent LOG overlay checkbox?

    VSTi support? :D (Autotune)

    ACL auto kick for people who arent using PTT option?

    Maybe this is rediculous, how about people using ventrilo can join a mumble
    server with some kind of emulated ventrilo HAXXXX? So people don't have to
    install new stuff?
    No admin support for vent other than ban, but they can join and voicechat..
    basic but better than nothing?

    Forced server->client skins until disconnect?

    Take a picture from webcam support?

    How about basic math support in chat? #1050/25 (local only math) #1050/25#
    (output math)

    There is a delay on comments in channels, how about when mousing over a
    channel the comment appears in the LOG area instantly instead of with a delay?

  • fwaggle

    fwaggle - 2011-04-06

    For file transfers, it's just as easy to use Dropbox. I was going to try and
    work out an Ice script using Dropbox's API to set up a shared folder for a
    given Mumble server, but I've not been motivated enough. Dropbox is pretty
    much a one-time-setup thing anyway, but it would be nice to have notifications
    like "fwaggle dropped file autoexec.cfg in Dropbox: <url>". As a commercial
    host, file transfers would be one of the very few things I would disable
    because a) I would rather have that bandwidth going for audio and b) I don't
    want to deal with the potential for DMCA headaches.

    The default channel is configurable on the server side already. I also added
    an option to have the server not remember channels that users were last in, so
    that everyone joins the default channel when they connect, even users who've
    been there before. Neither of these are configurable via the client, and I'm
    not entirely sure they need to be.

    I'm not sure about the overlay catching mouse-clicks - it takes some
    configuration to not have it get in the way anyway. It's definitely an idea -
    I'm just not sure how you would execute it.

    I'm guessing it's open to suggestions... you could find/make some
    unencumbered, free audio samples that would work for PTT cues and post them. I
    can't guarantee they'd get used, but you can try. I think the point of them at
    the moment is so that you notice when your mic is on.

    I think the whisper notification stuff has privacy implications, so I'm not
    sure the devs would go for that.

    Auto-registering users has huge potential for users to shoot themselves in the
    foot if they're not expecting it. Most users don't quite get what a
    certificate is (I think they should be called "identity files" or something of
    that nature to more easily convey the importance of them) and would be
    suddenly confused as to why they can't connect with their usual username.

    The satellites and the indents are skinnable, as far as I know. I use a side-
    by-side layout, and would be against any widening of the indents. I think it's
    a personal preference thing, which is why skins are there. What would you
    suggest (and more importantly, can you draw it if the current artist doesn't
    feel like it) for a channel icon?

    Force-PTT has been discussed, but it's easily bypassable (it seems to be a
    recurring theme for people to ask the server to enforce things it has almost
    zero ability to enforce) and it's just one of those things that is really no
    match for a human moderator. If a person on your server is cueing up their mic
    when they shouldn't be, a human really needs to decide to tell them to fix
    their broken configuration.

    Ventrilo client support can't happen - Flagship would likely sue the Mumble
    project for enabling piracy, and Ventrilo-client users would experience
    absolutely none of the benefits of using Mumble. If they want to keep using
    Ventrilo, they should keep using it. On their Windows 2000 machines. While
    they play Everquest. :)

    Forced client skins would likely violate the principle of least astonishment,
    cause usability/accessibility issues, and is again another one of those things
    you can't expect the server to enforce.

    Webcam video is on the distant roadmap. It's just not in the cards yet, until
    someone gets a bug up their butt and does it.

    As far as comments goes, I've got some stuff cooking personally with regards
    showing short versions of comments inline - it'll be a while before that
    happens because doing so will touch much more of Mumble than I'm comfortable
    with. It's worth noting that right now, after that small delay you can mouse
    over other users and see the other comments instantly. If it takes any amount
    of time after the first user, it is probably because the user has a giant
    avatar and that takes time to download. I don't see Mumble ever pre-fetching
    these comments, which is one of the things that complicates the aforementioned

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-06

    I have dropbox installed but sometimes its nice to send someone a file and
    delete it instead of having to host it forever on your own computer. If you
    delete it while dropbox is running it deletes it from everywhere. If they
    limit the max download/upload speed , like i said for files at a max of 10-20
    megabits i can't see it a problem, especially if uploading can be admin only
    (or whatever group)

    my server is hosted with Branzone and i don't get the option to set the
    default channel :(

    i will make some audio samples, good idea.

    Just imagine you tracing a line from you to your friend through the

    ----- and having that glow red or something so you can see whos whispering to eachother? still bad?

    If i knew how to make a skin i would :(
    But i suggest that the icon beside each channel is a black bordered box with a
    very tiny thumbnail of the picture attatched in the comment of the channel -
    if there is no picture then it can be something else.

    Yeah i kind of thought that would be the case, but if its only the servers
    that support ventrillo there is probably a way they could get around it. Vent
    Client on Mumble server would be an awesome way to get people into the mumble
    community imo.

    Forced skin clients meaning all it does is change the colour of the mumble or
    the background image or something? Would be really good for clans so you don't
    have to get everyone to install the same skin and write a huge tutorial .

    webcam thing was just an idea, i don't expect it in the next update XD

    I think being able to attach files straight to comments and when you click on
    it, it downloads right inside mumble without having to open IE or anything. If
    its 20mb limit the chances that its going to be copywrited software is reduced
    by alot. The only thing i could possible think someone could crack and put in
    there is like fraps or something.

    I think the part i am pushing towards most is having a download kind of thing
    in mumble. If someone has a link for something in their comment you can click
    and download it in mumble without needing internet explorer/GC/firefox to open

    Teamspeak has a filetransfer built right in and i was drooling over it when i
    used it yesterday ' ' ' D:

  • Vali

    Vali - 2011-04-06

    Mumble client served as an ActiveX to WebBrowsers ?!

    imagine those zilions of forums where people were forced to type, are using
    now the mumbo voice chat (conferencing actually...) !!!

    What we need is a way to embed this client into Internet Explorer (forget
    about Firefox and others..), alias ActiveX

    Flash/Action_Script , or Java are too slow but and ActiveX cand be made in C++
    (although C# and Silverlight is pretty fast...)


  • fwaggle

    fwaggle - 2011-04-06

    Write Branzone and tell them you would like the ability to change these
    settings. As a commercial provider who works very hard at letting people do as
    much as is practical with their servers (and I'm not the only one, there's at
    least 3-4 others who all go on the Mumble IRC channel who are the same way),
    it really annoys me when people just throw up a Murmur host and don't do
    anything with it. Without a commercial provider who's willing to develop a
    decent admin script, it really gives Mumble a bad name because compared to TS3
    the administration looks horrible... in truth it's not Mumble that's horrible,
    just the hosts.

    The red line between whisperers thing - I'm not sure QT's TreeView component
    can do that... if it can't, that would likely make it prohibitive to get done
    even in a practical sense... and while I can't speak for the developers, I
    believe that it would fall into privacy realms that they'd rather not get

    Again, Vent client on Mumble servers would be functionally the same as a
    pirate ventrilo server as far as Flagship (the Ventrilo licensing company) is
    concerned. Mangler (open source Vent client) gets away with what they do
    because people using that product are still in some (direct or indirect) way
    paying for Ventrilo... an open source Vent server (even if it is just Mumble)
    does away with that, and would likely raise the ire of the copyright holder

    Yes, forced client skins could severely hinder usability. It's been suggested
    before, and I'm 99% sure it's been shot down. I would like to see (and I
    believe it's been suggested and responded to with "sure, if you can get
    someone to get on it") the ability to one-click install skins, say via a URL
    or something of that nature. Defining a "skin file" that's really just a
    compressed copy of the skin, that's associated with Mumble and when you click
    on it it's extracted by the client and applied. Then you could simply put a
    link to that skin in your MOTD, and people could click that if they wanted to.
    It's another thing that requires a developer or contributor with an interest
    in making it happen though.

    As far as file sharing goes - if you wanted to limit the size to 10-20MB, then
    why would you delete the file from your dropbox anyway? Anyway, file sharing
    isn't on anyone's (that I know of) list of priorities.

    The other thing you're asking for is basically having a web browser right
    inside of Mumble... I don't know what the merits and pitfalls of that idea

    lesotl: An ActiveX version sounds neat, but I don't think a Java version would
    be all that slow. I find it hard to believe that the Dalvik in Android (which
    is capable of running a Mumble client on higher end phones) is any faster or
    more capable than a browser-based JVM on a moderately recent PC. Feel free to
    find a developer that's interested, and/or start a bounty to pay someone to be
    interested. At the moment though it seems all the core developers are terribly
    busy, it seems to be all I can do to get their attention to look at patches,
    so I can't imagine them going off and working on some completely new tangent.

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-07

    i made 2 sound files for the PTT cue.

    Easy on the ears, and i experimented with others too but didnt upload.

    I made one where i said ON and OFF really fast, worked fine.
    I also made one saying 2 different words so its easier to destinguish "ROGER"
    "THAT" or "N****" "PLEASE"
    They both worked fine too.
    I also made one with white noise and an added gverb so it sounds like your
    speaking over a radio, kind of cool.

    The one i uploaded i liked best because it was simple and works.

    I am going to work on a logo or something, i am not a fan of the default UI,
    its makes mumble looks cheap, and not in a good way :P

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-15

    Another Suggestion -

    I think it would cool if someone could code a mumblebot, so basically you log
    into a mumble server and put that bot inside a channel.

    You log into a teamspeak or ventrillo server and put a bot in a channel.

    When a PTT button is detected in the mumble, the sound is routed to the Stereo
    Mix, and the bot presses a push to talk button transmitting what is said from
    mumble to vent/ts. And Vice Versa, when the bot detects the PTT from TS or
    VENT, it reroutes through stereomix to the mumble server channel.

    If both people talk at the same time in mumble and teamspeak you would hear
    yourself through the stereomix so you could instead use Virtual Audio Cable 1
    and Virtual Audio Cable 2 etc... or if someone can make a custom program like
    VAC thats free, it would be totally awesome.

    Does this idea make sence? :p

  • Kei

    Kei - 2011-08-02

    I'm having extreme difficulties trying to grant access to my officers and
    members within my mumble server. Everything was fine until I tried to grant
    admin rights to my officers. Once I made those changes.. it offset the ability
    for people to log in and move around freely, now no one can unsuppress users
    or anything Help...

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-02

    Well first off, your server info to connect to would help.

  • Kei

    Kei - 2011-08-02

    I'm sorry, I'm just so frustrated.. I wasn't thinking. Here it is.

    Port: 56014
    pswd: fun