Recording Conversations

  • Curtis Stodgell

    Curtis Stodgell - 2009-08-27

    I am wondering if there is a program that will allow me to record my mumble converstaions.... If not I wonder if this is a feature anyone has thought to add?

    • Stefan H.

      Stefan H. - 2009-08-27

      Look at the feature request tracker. It has been requested and we are thinking about adding recording capability. No promises though. It's not yet on our todo.

      • Curtis Stodgell

        Curtis Stodgell - 2009-08-27

        Know of any alternative programs to use along side with mumble?

  • WolwX

    WolwX - 2009-09-11

    same interest for me :)

    I wish the developers will add this function when they can, and while waiting
    that, any one know a software working with mumble to do that ?

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2009-09-13

    I only know software which can record from the active recording source.
    So you could no longer talk while recording.

    I do wonder however, and would like such a program or anything, so I could
    record output and still talk.
    That'd also come in handy when making videos of games and such, as I always
    have to adjust volume when switching from mic to out as in and it's never the
    same nor optimal.

  • Pilot_51

    Pilot_51 - 2009-09-26

    When I want to record a conversation on Mumble I just use Audacity on the
    server with a client running. The mostly obvious settings would be to record
    output audio in Audacity and mute input on Mumble. Also recording volume would
    more than likely need to be adjusted considerably below the max. You could
    also use a system separate from the server, but generally the closer it is to
    the server the better to reduce potential connection issues affecting the

    The advantage of Audacity over a built-in method is that it can record at the
    best possible quality and export in just about any format you'd want. A built-
    in recording feature would probably be limited to one format such as MP3 which
    is more or less lossy or WAV which is uncompressed (can easily get very
    large). Personally I would prefer FLAC which is lossless with good
    compression, but it would probably confuse a lot of people and it might not
    play in some common players.

    The advantage of built-in is that it would be easy to do with limited
    resources. It would of course work similar to recorders built into other voice
    chat clients like TeamSpeak where it records both input and output, since both
    are being passed through Mumble anyway. That means not only can it capture
    both at once and compile it into a recording, but it only captures the output
    that goes through Mumble, leaving out sounds from other programs.
    Theoretically it might even be able to record every user on a different audio
    channel, which would be a HUGE help to podcasters (example: edit out a cough
    while someone else was talking).

    So in summary, there are trade-offs between external vs. built-in recording,
    but if we get built-in it's just an extra option and not a replacement. I like
    options and I think built-in recording would help many people such as
    podcasters, but personally I don't have much reason for it yet (I'm sure I'd
    find one though, like restarting my podcast).

  • M^3

    M^3 - 2009-09-26

    Just my 2 cents, but maybe it would be good to just request a plugin system on
    the server side that could support a plugin for recording.
    Heck, another plugin to connect to a SIP server so people could dial in and
    use it for conferencing or to let their gamer buddies know they were running
    late. Maybe a plugin that links to a ventrillo server or teamspeak server
    bridging channels. ok, enough silly rambling.

  • Stefan H.

    Stefan H. - 2009-09-27

    @michaelminor: If you want to increase the chance that we will implement such
    a thing anytime in the future you should feature request it. Otherwise we the
    chance that we think of it when we decide on new stuff to do is relatively

  • M^3

    M^3 - 2009-09-27

    @dd0t: I would if i knew I would use them. I think they are interesting ideas
    which is why I brought them up, but I will leave the feature requesting to
    those who really might use them rather than might dabble with it down the
    road, which is what I would do.

  • Pilot_51

    Pilot_51 - 2009-09-27

    With Google Voice coming into the picture, a lot more people might be able to
    use a SIP feature. There are also SIP access numbers that have been around
    awhile. Implementing it properly would be a bit of a challenge I'm sure.

    The Vent/TS bridging might be good or bad, showing people how capable Mumble
    is but possibly also preventing people from moving to Mumble since the feature
    is most specifically for those people who don't want to switch. Also such a
    feature would need to be entirely independent of Vent/TS to avoid lawsuits or
    any of that, just the ability to bridge audio between Mumble and another

  • AliasgarBabat

    AliasgarBabat - 2012-12-27

    Try using gomeetnow webinar service. It records screen and voice using your computer's microphone. The resulting recording is stored as an executable file which contains both the recorded data and a built-in player.


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