Need for perl dbus cgi script

  • Kevin Traub

    Kevin Traub - 2008-02-07


    Before we can begin to replace teamspeak / ventrilo, we need to be able to offer the users the basic ability to manage their servers, and to create/start/stop/delete these servers via dbus.

    I don't know perl worth a darn, but looking at the existing perl script, it looks like we should be able to add this functionality to it. Users need to be able to select the port or server name from a drop down list of existing servers, enter in their username/password, Or even allowed to create a new user right then.. admin users need to be able to start/stop/restart their server, add remove channels, list/add/remove/ban users.

    Until we can do these basic things via a web page, we will not be able to move forward with mumble integration. Prior to moving to mumble, we had scripted up a nice system to create user specific murmur.ini files for each server, and each server had its own sqlite db. But with the move to a single process, we've lost all of that ability.

    I would be willing to pitch in both sweat and a little cash to get someone who knows perl, to write this functionality up in a cgi script for the community.


    • Sebastian Schlingmann

      I have a python dbus wrapper for all Murmur functionality (except signals). The api is quite easy to use.
      However, this is only an interface. The logic/webinterface would have to come from you.
      Should be fairly simple using something fancy like django...
      If you are interested I'll comment it a bit and make it available.

      • Kevin Traub

        Kevin Traub - 2008-02-08

        Hey, I'll take what ever I can get!

        Would you have some example html that shows how to pass data back and forth?
        Could you show how to retrive arrays for player lists?



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