• Peter Hansen

    Peter Hansen - 2007-07-08


    I think Mumble is a great application and I want to use it for our game-server rental.
    I'm new in mumble and eventually I'm blind and don't see the feature but I miss an account management for the user...

    A user must change his password and the admin must have a possibility to change a users password and create/delete a user.

    I'm using the murmur.cgi scripts of the scripts-directory and the script don't offer such features as I determine.

    For the cgi-script I run the lighttpd-webserver with cgi-plugin for each mumble-server.

    As I'm a PHP developer and don't be good in Perl I would implement this features in PHP (if there no ready other solution) and offer the output to the community.

    If someone from other companies that offer mumble servers are around it would be nice to exchange experiences about that - feel free to contact me!

    • Fitti

      Fitti - 2007-11-16

      sorry i don't know how post the code here
      the forum is bilingual (german and english).
      all the parts of the code are ready to download there without registering.

      so Gabriel Cz i can't see your problem

      when the code is really stable i send it to slicer and hope that he puts in to svn.

      greets Fitti

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2007-07-09

      The supplied script is only meant as an example. It doesn't support resetting passwords, only sending password reminders.

      If you have PHP5, you can access the database through PDO. Earlier PHP versions only have sqlite2 support, which is ancient. Such an interface would only be able to get/set passwords, register users and upload custom textures though, it wouldn't be able to change ACLs, group memberships, query the current channels or connected users or other control features; that would require DBus, and noone has ported the DBus bindings to PHP yet.

      But, a basic user management script would be very welcome :) And one written in PHP would probably be easier for people to integrate into their existing infrastructure.

      PS: If you go ahead with this, great! Please let us know so there won't be duplicate efforts. Oh, and fetch the updated murmur.pl from SVN; I reccently added custom users texture uploads and your script would have to cover that.

    • gabrielcz

      gabrielcz - 2007-08-31

      Hello, We are a Spanish company.
      We actually offer TS embedder registry from our site, but we are moving to murmur servers.
      We will happy to work with "others" making php scripts to register users and administer servers from our site.
      We dev on PHP too.
      start working? :)

      I see a php example on this forums that looks pretty well, but we need something different, we need to register users when they register on the website, and they need a control panel to switch from one server to other.

    • Peter Hansen

      Peter Hansen - 2007-09-06

      Hello Gabriel,

      have you received my mail? I'm very interested!


    • gabrielcz

      gabrielcz - 2007-09-07

      I don´t know dude..
      Add me to jabber (gabrielcz AT gmail.com)

    • gabrielcz

      gabrielcz - 2007-09-07

      sry dude. Not that email, add this one :P
      gabriel.yoco AT gmail.com

      Sorry :)

      • gabrielcz

        gabrielcz - 2007-09-07

        SRY, I can edit MSG :(

        GABRIELCZ.YOCO @ gmail.com <-- this is the good one :(((( Please, erase the other messages please :)

    • Fitti

      Fitti - 2007-11-02

      i build a webinterface as typo3plugin.

      it has 2 parts one perl script which reads the dbus and write the output to mysql.

      and a php part to make the output to html.

      You find a demo here. http://www.veteran-fight-club.de

      Greets Fitti

    • Sounds

      Sounds - 2007-11-03

      would you be so kind to post the code up somewhere fitii_01?

    • PeteSahad

      PeteSahad - 2007-11-03

      hey Fitti,

      impressive work. Are you going to publish your code or write at least a tutorial how you did manage the mumble viewer?


    • Fitti

      Fitti - 2007-11-04

      ask me in the forum at http://www.veteran-fight-club.de
      for the code.
      Note: i wrote a typo3 plugin, if you need pure php you need to extract it from the plugin

      warning the code might be very dirty and comes without warranty of anything.

      But it works g

    • gabrielcz

      gabrielcz - 2007-11-12

      Hi all, FITTI_01, I really dont get you idea of sharing...

      We are here trying to get, test, lern... an open source software, sharring the know-how. but to get some code you made we need to go to a german forum of a gamer community to ask you something you can share here???

      Sorry dude, I dont speak german, and the register of you web dont work.

      You can exchange code for registers there... but.. why you want me (spanish speaker) not intrested on german community gamers make a registration there to ask for someting ?

      Ok, anyways, I cant register there but im instresting on that code... can you tell something?