Looking for help setting up a mumble server for Planetside 2

  • Eru

    Eru - 2012-11-30

    For those who are not familiar with planet side 2 I'll give a brief explanation of how the in game communication system works

    When people group up in the game they are put into a platoon. The platoon is then split up into 4 squads. When working together it is essential for each squad to receive it's own orders from the squad leader. There are two hot keys assigned to the in game voice communications, one for squad chat and one for platoon chat. Platoon chat is usually used by the squad and platoon leaders to communicate instructions between the squads. Squad chat is obviously used for squad instructions.

    The problem is that the in game system, while efficient for this setup, is prone to crashing, bugs, and general low quality. My question to you all is if there is a way to set up a mumble server work in a similar fashion?

    The way I picture the set up is something like this with Player 1 representing the squad leader:

    Platoon >
    Squad 1 > Player 1, Play 2, Player 3..... Player 12
    Squad 2 > Player 1, Play 2, Player 3..... Player 12
    Squad 3 > Player 1, Play 2, Player 3..... Player 12
    Squad 4 > Player 1, Play 2, Player 3..... Player 12

    In this case everyone would have a shortcut assigned like this. The hotkey for each squad would be set up with the function field filled out with whisper/shout, and the data field filled out with current. The hotkey that would function as a the platoon chat would set up with the function whisper/shout, and the data field would be set up with parent selected and the shout to linked channels box checked.

    In theory would this set up work? I would test but the server is not mine and I am trying to figure out a way to set it up for the officers of my guild.

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2012-12-01

    As for the ACL, I’d link all 5 channels, then deny speak from outside in the Squad channels.
    Thus, you could hear talking from Platoon in the subchannels, but not in a subchannel from another subchannel.
    Then use shout hotkey to shout to platoon as your platoon-talk-button.
    For your squad, talk normally - as you are in that squad channel.


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