Music Bot+mumble

joe mitch
  • joe mitch

    joe mitch - 2013-07-06

    Why does the music bot sound HORRID in this communication application? Vent/ts3 all sound better. maybe I'm doing something wrong? its most noticeable on the metal and heavier rock stuff. Is there anything i can do?

  • Philip Cass

    Philip Cass - 2013-07-07

    You'd have to ask the creator of the music bot that. Certainly mumble has no problems with music in general, especially if you're using the opus codec (which requires a 1.2.4 server and either all clients to be 1.2.4 or for the server owner to force opus)

  • joe mitch

    joe mitch - 2013-07-08

    I'm not up to par on this kind of stuff, but using the Virtual audio cable and running the dual mumble setting 1 to line 1 which i have wmp( all my files are in Wma). so it seems that is just not a file type to put into mumble? it just sounds bad not all the time, but at some parts of the songs. I wouldn't mind making a copy of all my music and putting them into a different format. what other player would i need? As I'm Sure wmp doesn't play that kind of codec or does it?