• gabrielcz

    gabrielcz - 2007-11-27

    hi there...
    I want to make a suggestion.
    please by default its better to take this option off PLEASE. :)
    all the people I know hates that option, and on other languages is impossible tp understand (like spanish)

    regards, and is just an opinion :)

    • Pilot_51

      Pilot_51 - 2007-11-27

      In the Audio menu, click Text-To-Speech. There you go, it's off. No need to make it default to off. I don't know anyone who completely hates it and I don't know anyone too lazy to switch it off.

      To turn off TTS for specific types of messages, go to the Configure menu, then Settings, then make sure you have Expert Config enabled on the left and go down to Messages. There you can enable/disable specific messages for either text or TTS. You can also change the volume of TTS or at how many characters of text the TTS doesn't read a message.

      • gabrielcz

        gabrielcz - 2007-11-28

        Sry, pherhaps i express myself in a bad way.
        Im not TOO LAZY, Im just givin an opinion, I think it better to have that option switched off by default, and if you want, you can enable it.

        I tell this, becouse I have a lot of users running ts and the are migrating to mumble, an ALL OF THEM SAY... " WTF is this?, please how can I turn this off...

        I tell this, couse, from 50 users, 50 tells something like that... just for your know. Im not a lazy person, so a tell all users tu turn off that... but... i think itś better to turn off that... mumble speack german, spanish, portugueise, francais, etc...

        regards pilot,

        • Pilot_51

          Pilot_51 - 2007-11-29

          Maybe default to off if Mumble is configured to a language other than English. That's probably the best way to satisfy the majority of both sides.