Karim - 2013-10-30

Hi there,

I run a murmur server on localhost (Mumble 1.2.3 on Ubuntu 12.04) and I've modified a bit the (brilliant) PHP script from MumPI to make a fancy user web interface (channel tree, fancy users' display, etc.)
Now I'm trying to add a button (or something similar) that would allow users to add a channel to the server (with all LCA inherited from parents). So I tried to manually add a dummy channel into the Mumble DB (I've connected it to MySQL, and manually added some rows to the relevant tables) and it worked but I have to restart the server to see the dummy channel in the tree!

So, I hope that this is due to a silly detail and that it's doable but I can't find any topic on the subject.
Can someone bring any help or at least give some info?