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  • Samuel

    Samuel - 2007-08-14

    hi i am making/maked a wiki theme for mumble this is how it looks like right now... i would like some comments :/
    i still need to change the navigation menu but its almost done.

    here is a screenshot!:

    • Samuel

      Samuel - 2007-08-17

      :/ well u atleast got a theme when they upgrade :b
      u need any icon work?

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2007-08-14

      Looks good :)

      BTW, you are using the same version of Mediawiki that we're using on the wiki here?

    • Samuel

      Samuel - 2007-08-14

      hmm dont know i am currently using MediaWiki 1.10.1
      but i think this theme will work on older also :)

    • Samuel

      Samuel - 2007-08-15

      The wiki theme that i made is now done!
      If u whant more than just a screenshot i can show u on my private test server :)
      This is how it turn out in the end:

      I dont know if u whant the news navigation menu!?
      To have that funktion u will need to install this, or something similar to it:

      Otherwise i will comment it out or delete it!

      Do u whant the logo banner headphones for your mumble client, as icons?
      Are anyone working on a icon for murmur? or do u whant me to create one?
      Need any other icons or grafikal materials i would be happy to help :D

      I will need your email so i can send the compressed archive to u!

      I maybe wont be able to send the package before i go away a few days.

      When i created this skin i used Paul Y. Gu ( and modified it :/
      So i wish just to give him my thx :D

      ps. We really need a proper forum! .ds

    • Samuel

      Samuel - 2007-08-16

      i have made a few changes:
      made the 1.0.0 download text to a picture so it dont break link.
      made news menu like navigation menu.(when hover over it, it will change colour to orange)
      * problebly something i forgot...

      • Thorvald Natvig

        Thorvald Natvig - 2007-08-16

        I've added the theme to the wiki, but it depends on mediawiki functions that don't exist in the version we are running. is lagging a bit behind on their PHP version, so we can't upgrade it :(


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