rFactor and mumble.

  • gabrielcz

    gabrielcz - 2007-09-03

    Hi there.. we are testing mumble.. So a few clans start the test...
    from these communitys, we found a problem with RFACTOR users.

    Rfactor (www.rfactor.net) is a simracing game, it´s one of the most used by virtual pilots and have an error whith mumble client 1.0.0

    When you start the game, it´s close inmediatly whith a error, and if you close mumble the game starts perfecly. This happends to ALL users (all rfactor users)

    I don´t know why, and i can´t solve the problem, so I whant to add the comment here...

    • gabrielcz

      gabrielcz - 2007-09-07

      I will try that,
      PS: rFactor is just for windows, so I use mumble for windows.


    • javitonino

      javitonino - 2007-09-03

      Have you tried disabling the overlay in mumble? Maybe it's related to that. Also you should include OS and mumble versions to help troubleshooting. And if the problem disappear disabling the overlay, you can try the latest snapshot as it have an updated overlay that may fix the problem.


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