Hi, Great Project + A few Qs.

  • Phenax

    Phenax - 2007-06-20

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    First Question:
    The positional sound support seems to use DirectSound. The plugins seem to use Windows API as well. Are there any plans to support positional sound in Linux? I believe you could use OpenAL in this situation.

    Second Question:
    What about text-to-speech in Linux. There were some specifications somewhere, but I can't seem to find them now. Festival, would that work? Is there anyway to get it to work in Linux?

    I got two crashes on my server. Can't seem to reproduce them but I'm now readily producing core-dumps so I'll post a backtrace if it happens again.

    But, I must say.. this software -- in its current state -- is simply amazing. God forbid why I'm just learning about it as right now I believe it is a totally viable alternative to major competitors. I come from a gaming community where people use both Windows and Linux (and even a few FreeBSD, maybe nice to see support for that if it doesn't already work -- FreeBSD uses OSS). It's nice to see an open-source alternative that's already come this far.

    I commend you for coming this far and encourage you to go much farther. Great software, my friends and I enjoy it very much. Trying to spread the word :)

    Kyle "Phenax" Hunter

    • damunix

      damunix - 2007-06-20

      I use Mumble on a Linux distribution (archlinux), and their is no problem, beacuase of the support of Alsa. But I never test the windows version.... I don't really think their is a big difference between widnows and linux version (in the source code their is one !!! but only for device :D )

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2007-06-20

      OpenAL on ALSA can only use dual buffering, and not the octa-buffering we're currently employing. Long story short; for live streamed audio, OpenAL will have about twice the latency of raw ALSA access.

      Text-To-Speech; there was a patch in the works to open a pipe to festival, but the developer of that patch seems to have vanished. It shouldn't be too hard to do, so I'll .. uh.. Could you submit a feature request for it so I don't forget?

      For crashes, backtraces would be immensely helpfull. It may be "beta", but crashes on the server is still an embarassment for me.

      And for the rest.. Thank you :)


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