Win32 snapshots

  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2007-08-21

    Since a lot of people have asked for it, I'm putting Win32 snapshots up at

    Please note that these snapshots are nothing more than my testcompiles and contains loads of experimental code. It is expected to break. Badly. There has been NO testing done on them at all. In fact, testing usually involves my test group downloading these versions and then telling me how badly they break their systems.

    You should never use these snapshots for anything even remotely resembling a production environment. They are only good for testing and developing new features.

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-10-16

      Just realized that October with the 10th month and not the 9th? Either way, keep up the good work.

      • Thorvald Natvig

        Thorvald Natvig - 2007-10-16

        Already fixed :) Also removed the : from the filename as it was causing problems for some people.

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-11-09

      Why don't you have these snapshots hosted on sourceforge in an unstable/alpha section? It's your choice and all, but it just seems silly (to me).

      • Thorvald Natvig

        Thorvald Natvig - 2007-11-10

        Because you can't easily automate SF uploads.

    • M^3

      M^3 - 2007-11-10

      Ah, well then it sounds a lot less silly to me.

    • ragedavis

      ragedavis - 2007-08-22

      Hey there!

      Well, I hate to disappoint you, but in this case...

      I installed the latest snapshot and appield some quick tests
      -starting mumble -> no errors, not crashing/breaking for about an hour, even when changing config settings
      -starting murmur (no public servers available) -> no errors, some message boxes when creating database, not breaking/crashing for about an hour
      -connecting mumble to murmur ( as normal user -> one dialog box (ssl certificate), no more errors after confirming the certificate, not breaking/crashing for about 20 min.
      -trying to set a SuperUser password after shutting down murmur -> no errors, but SU password not written to DB, even after several tries (looked at it using SQLite Browser)
      -setting SuperUser password using SQLite Browser
      -connecting as SuperUser -> no errors, not breaking/crashing, but SU is muted by server, can not be unmuted (neither audio menu nor right-click on user). But maybe is intended this way?
      -adding a second server (tried both, Localhost IP and LAN IP, and different user) results in overwriting the first entry, so only one server in "userdefined servers" at a time (gave it several shots, too).

      So in short terms:

      Latest snapshot seems to be more stable than expected, but not fully functional yet...
      No too bad...



      P.S. When starting the 1.0.0 mumble.exe after closing all snapshot .exe files, its "userdefined servers" list looked the same, but can be edited.

      • Thorvald Natvig

        Thorvald Natvig - 2007-08-25

        murmur supw and connectdialog fixed.

        Yes, the muting of superuser is by design. Some people were using the superuser as their regular user, which guarantees that channel linking and ACLs don't work as expected.


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