- 2014-01-27

Hi all,

i wanna start to code an ACRE like mod but for Mumble from the bottom. Why? Its fun! I have some basic coding knowledge in C++ from my university time. Its 4 years ago. :-)

With my ACRE tool i wanna improve and add some features.
+Radio Communication
+Walls should reduce power a bit.
+Voice-/Radio-Communication should be audible by AI-units.
+Performance should be improved in relation to the TS-ACRE.

How does mumble currently get the position information of the players/units and does it stay in conflict with the anti-cheat tool battleye? In which way should a tool fit to Mumble support information?

Because i want to avoid network load, it would be cool to get all information from the stack on the mumble-computer and make all needed calulation only on the client.

Any hints for my project are welcome.


Last edit: 2014-01-27