Murmur / SSE troubles

  • Mystiqq

    Mystiqq - 2006-11-07


    Im trying to run murmur on rather old computer (AMD 900, ASUS A7V-E, 512MB, etc.) but as it does not support any fancy SSE im not able to use it. Is there any way i could get non-SSE compiled version of the Mumble server?

    ANY help is appreciated.


    • Mystiqq

      Mystiqq - 2006-11-08

      Thanks for the reply.

      With little help i managed to compile murmur using the "qmake" instructions in the sources install text file. The exe works but it now requires the mingw10.dll. However, it still uses "SSE" as ive not found a way to disable it.

      Theres couple options that comes to my mind. First would be that i should compile it on the old computer(?). Second one is that i should use gcc and use its command line options to disable the sse. Third is that theres some options i could put in the pro/pri file(s) that would disable the sse but ive got no idea what.

      Any ideas you can give me would be helpful, just to point me to the right direction. :)

      Thanks in advance!

      • Thorvald Natvig

        Thorvald Natvig - 2006-11-08

        Open murmur.cpp and remove the following code snippet:

        // Check for SSE and MMX, but only in the windows binaries

        ifdef Q_OS_WIN

        define cpuid(func,ax,bx,cx,dx) asm volatile ("cpuid": "=a" (ax), "=b" (bx), "=c" (cx), "=d" (dx) : "a" (func));

        define MMXSSE 0x02800000

        unsigned int ax, bx, cx, dx;
        if ((dx & MMXSSE) != MMXSSE) {
            ::MessageBoxA(NULL, "Mumble requires a SSE capable processor (Pentium 3 / Ahtlon-XP)", "Mumble", MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR);


    • Mystiqq

      Mystiqq - 2006-11-08

      Yey, it works. Thanks a lot! :)

      Going to test it later today...


    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2006-11-07

      You'll need to compile it yourself. Murmur doesn't have that many dependencies; if I recall correctly all you need is the qt-4.2.1 mingw version, which includes the compiler you need.


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