Chris - 2014-03-03

I just realized I posted this in Open Discussion rather than Help. I'm sorry, I intended to post in Help.

I'm re-posting there. Please delete this thread and sorry for the clutter.

I have a friend who cannot get Mumble to connect to any public or private servers because her connect button is disabled. I thought there might be a problem with her router or ISP, but her son’s computer connects without a problem.

I have verified that she has the correct server information. She has successfully pinged the server and can see the number of people online, but the connect button is still disabled.

I had her run the Certificate Wizard, but that didn’t have any effect.

I verified she has the latest version and have had her run the Audio Wizard.

Short of an uninstall/reinstall, which she said she has tried, I’m out of ideas. Does anyone else have any?

Thanks for your help!

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