Mumble quality vs Ventrilo

  • fabinou

    fabinou - 2007-11-02


    I am gamemaster from a World of warcraft guild used to use Ventrilo as gamechat. The ventrilo version used is 2.1.2 (under linux) and the codecs used are : GSM 6.10 (22050 Hz, 16 bit) 4420 bytes/sec. This offer a "crystal clear" quality, far far far better than TS for example, and don't use too much cpu/bandwith (not noticeable if you prefere).

    This afternoon, we tested with some guildies : Mumble. The guys are all guys that leave near me, so we know our voice "in real". We are very interested switching on Mumble, but during our test, we noticed that the quality was pretty good BUT all our voice was a little "metalic" and like "under water" or, how to say that ... like if there's was a pillow on the microphone. It's still better than TS for example, but not as good as ventrilo. In my opinion, it's because of the noise reduction but maybe i am wrong

    Is there a way to tweaks codec configuration on server side for example to attenuate this (and make voice stronger and clearer, less "compressed").

    ( of course we tried all client side configuration, by increasing quality, decreasing compression).

    Thanks for help.

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2007-11-02

      When you say "decreasing compression", I hope you don't mean "decrease complexity". Complexity controls the CPU usage, and if you decrease it you are also decreasing quality... Not that it matters much, the minimum is 4, and settings above 5 give marginal improvement.


      If you want to reproduce the original signal, set the Noise Suppression to -15 dB and Amplification to 1.00. This minimizes the ammount of filtering done. Note that you can't turn filtering completely off -- for the sanity of other users basic filtering is always applied.


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