Hi guy's,
i just made simple jukebox with VLC player to my server (Old crap PC but
works), webinterface so i can select what to play and how high volme
What you need to make so called Jukebox bot to server is easy and fast,
First of all cheap PC or running server where you have Ubuntu or samekind of
System running.
1. Get VLC and setup web controll to it
2. Must have PulseAudio + Pavucontrol for Pulse (there change microphone to Monitor ***
3. Setup mumble , Audio Input - (System = PulseAudio) (Device=Default input) (Echo=Disabled) and Transmission set Transmit to Continious or setup Voise Activity. And on Audio Output drop all to 0% and uncheck Positional Audio Headphones etc. We dont vanna get echo if someone vanna say something in the channel.
4. Start Mumble and join to channel where you vanna musick played
5.Start VLC (make sure you have web interface working so it is easyer to
controll playlist), select files you vanna play (whole musick folder etc)
6. Open the Pavucontrol and on Record tab you can see Mumble: Microphone from - change it to the Monitor .. so you can see the bar moving under it while musick plays.
7. At this point you should have running Jukebox in your Mumble server =)

I was thinking my self for some time howto make this kind of Jukebox, it was
actualy too easy, just didint combine the tools i had in my hands with linux
If needed i can make video to youtube at somepoint if someone needs help
setting it up.
Sry for bad english im from Finland =)
BRG Decalinux