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#992 opusthreshold set to 0 still fallbacks to CELT


Setting "opusthreshold = 0" will not force server to run only Opus, but still falls back to CELT if any older clients connects to the server.


  • Ole-Henrik Jakobsen

    Adding a bit more info:
    Server running linux static build 1.2.4.

    Actual server running: (default port), also found under Norway and Ubrukelig.Net in server list.

  • Mikkel Krautz

    Mikkel Krautz - 2013-06-02

    From IRC:

    19:59 @mkrautz <- hmm, 'interesting'...

    20:13 @pcgod mkrautz: I can't see how that's possible... but opusthreshold won't disable CELT and if there are clients without opus support they're still able to use CELT

    Maybe that is what you're seeing?

  • Ole-Henrik Jakobsen

    I was pretty sure this should deny all others than Opus users? Even if they could connect. But so far they just connect, the entire server is falling back.

  • Benjamin Jemlich

    Random debug tip:
    Tell us what the "CELT codec switch" line in the log says, when someone without Opus connects.

    • Ole-Henrik Jakobsen

      Will do when server is empty, must wait for now.

  • Ole-Henrik Jakobsen

    From the logs:

    <W>2013-06-03 16:42:26.627 1 => CELT codec switch ffffffff8000000b ffffffff80000010 (prefer ffffffff8000000b) (Opus 1)

    Connected here with 1.2.3 linux client.

  • Radikal Den store

    What does this say:

    CELT codec switch ffffffff80000010 0 (prefer ffffffff80000010) (Opus 1)

    I don´t understand it, but i get that when choosing Opus 0.

    Does mine work, or does it change to Celt?

    • Ole-Henrik Jakobsen

      It changes to Celt, cannot force Opus to be run atm.

  • Benjamin Jemlich

    Acutally "Opus 1" means that it's in Opus mode and there is a check to drop all voice packets which aren't Opus when Opus is enabled... so I can't see why this shouldn't work.