#920 Bug: Positional Audio OFF! Doesn't work

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I cannot stand not being able to hear someone when I am playing, Friend forces mumble upon us all because it is open source and good for the environment and so on....

In vent audio is fed through center channel only. I have tried turning the positional audio settings on/off, messing around with every single audio related setting in the client and there is nothing I have been able to do to force the audio as not coming in through the left/right channels. It is supposed to be a 5.1 setup, but comes in as a 2.1 as many others have reported before, but again... There is no way to force the audio as "non-positional" and use the much easier to hear/less crowded center channel.

Please fix this!

I attached a DXDiag, but short version is:

Logitech 5.1 x-540 speakers set up to onboard motherboard audio. This has happened on at least 2 separate motherboards of completely different brands and chipsets. One was a gigabyte 790GX and the one currently is an MSI 990FX-GD80


  • nabokovfan87

    nabokovfan87 - 2012-10-19


  • nabokovfan87

    nabokovfan87 - 2012-10-19

    Mumble Version is 1.2.3

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2012-10-19

    There is no way to force the audio as "non-positional"
    You just have to disable positional audio. If disabling pos audio does not fix your issue, pos audio is not your issue.

    So you get the voice output as stereo (left and right speakers) but want it from your center speaker?
    I’m not too familiar with it - would that be mono then? Is mono put out from the center speaker, generally or with your soundcard, -driver and speaker setup?

    If that is the case, then the difference between Mumble and Ventrilo is that Mumble outputs stereo while Vent outputs mono, and your audio driver handles these outputs differently.

  • nabokovfan87

    nabokovfan87 - 2012-10-19

    I understand what positional audio is in terms of mumble. It is essentially a beta feature right now working with a very small number of games.

    In actuality, positional audio is where the audio is positioned at several different locations around you. 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, etc.

    So, mumble by default uses a 2.1 setup, and even 5.1 systems are not recognized correctly. If the rear channels were used, I might be able to hear people with positional audio off (play through every channel front and rear), but again, that isn't the way dialog is supposed to work.

    For every movie soundtrack, etc. the dialog is the critical component that is always through the center speaker. maybe slightly off to the right or left, but still, the majority of the signal for a conversation (not someone running by the view shouting) is set in the center channel.

    So, there are two issues...

    1. No way to set center channel output
    2. No way for mumble to recognize rear channel

    Here is another user with the same 5.1 front channel only output issue. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3008035&group_id=147372&atid=768005

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2012-10-19

    Ah, I think I at least get your first issue now.
    As a 5.1 system you expect dialog to come from the center speaker and Mumble to either use center by default, or allow it to be configured.

    The positional audio thing seems to be a separate issue though.
    Thanks for linking the other ticket.

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2012-10-20

    Is the issue you labeled as 2. the one in the other ticket you linked to?
    So we could keep this ticket focused on your first issue (not being able to use center speaker for voice output)?

    I’d consider that a feature request though. Not a bug.

  • nabokovfan87

    nabokovfan87 - 2012-10-20

    To be clear, this issues are both one and the same. The positional audio "checkbox" does nothing.

    Mumble has the in-game location adjustment for audio output, which really has been boiled down to "positional audio". The way it should work, when checked you use the left/right front/back and center channels to give the position of a person in the channel during a gaming session. The issue with that is the rear channel isn't recognized on a 5.1 or higher system. Essentially, only stereo/headphone output is being utilized.

    The larger issue, when positional audio is unchecked it should either output like a standard surround system with the dialog at the center channel, or repeat it on every channel as a "mono" style track.

    I don't really consider having something work as every other software does a "feature request", when there is a setting for it and that setting does nothing, it is a bug.

  • Nicos Gollan

    Nicos Gollan - 2012-10-20

    The way the PA checkbox works is that, once it is checked, the client uses the audio system information to set up a mixer for up to 17.1 audio (not a typo), and positions voice streams with relevant information for that setup. Streams without positional information go everywhere.

    If the box is not checked, the client opens a stereo device and plays back voice streams in the centre of that.

    The original behaviour before (or until? I forgot) 1.2.3 was to open a mono device, but it turned out that many devices or drivers were just too buggy to deal with that properly.

  • nabokovfan87

    nabokovfan87 - 2012-10-20

    So it recognizes all surround systems as a stereo device. That's what iI said from the beginning with the whole rear channel is not recognized issue.

    The best way iI can say this is to simply have a check box, which is already in the settings menu, where when you have positional audio off and a 5.1 or 2.1, etc. system that the Center channel is used. If you want stereo then you select the headphone output that is currently built in, and for all stereo systems, they are treated as a stereo output by default.


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