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Using Mumble 1.2.2, which I was trying out for the first time today, when selecting my on-board sound chipset (AD 1988B 8-channel, "SoundMax HD Audio") on my Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard as output device, i don't hear any sound. I looked for the solution for a long time, thinking it may be a problem with my hardware, but it is not, since all sound software works perfectly, including TeamSpeak (2 & 3), Ventrillo, all games, media players, etc... This is under WinXP Pro and DirectX 9.0c.
Then I decided to plug my headphones into one of the other connectors, and found the sound (sound from the Audio configuration Wizard in Mumble), coming out from another jack, only 1 channel tho (left). In any case, the hardware is ok. There must be something wrong you're doing when sending sound out to speakers.

(NB: I also have a SB XF-i card in the system, but this has never caused any problems, and again, all other voice chat software work fine: game sounds coming out from 5.1 XF-i, voice chat coming out from a headset connected to the on-board chipset).


  • Benjamin Jemlich

    Sounds like your audio driver has the (common) problem that it does weird things with mono audio streams. Try to enable the positional audio option to fix it.

  • xylo9

    xylo9 - 2010-12-11

    Hello and thank you for the suggestion. Enabling positional audio in Mumble did work. I can now hear my voice when testing with local loopback and can also hear the audio wizard test.
    It may be that the driver has a problem as you suggest, however, seeing as all other speech software I have tried works well with mono streams, I suggest that you review the method you are using to send that mono stream to the output device, if only to make it compatible with the common driver problem you mention. :)

    (I have written software that records, processes, and sends back mono sound in real time, and have never encountered that driver problem you mention.)

    Thanks again for the workaround.

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