#671 When minimizing to tray, restoring needs multiple clicks

Mumble (544)

The original bug got closed:


It seems the config disallows the reporter to re-open, so I'm forced to open a new issue.

I believe the root of all evil is the way Mumble implements the systray icon; it's not "persistent". For example, when doing a "killall plasma-desktop" and then starting plasma-desktop again, all systray icons from all other application re-appear on the systray. Except for Mumble's! I suspect this is also the cause of the original bug.

Below follows the text from the original bug:

When I minimize Mumble to the KDE system tray, a single click on the tray icon is more often than not not enough to restore Mumble again. Usually, a single click only works when performing it immediately after having minimized the window. If I interact with other windows first, then anything between 2 or 4 clicks (usually 3) is needed to get the window restored. When this happens, on the first click the Window appears for a fraction of a second and then disappears again. After keeping clicking it, it eventually appears.

This bug was there since the first time I ever used Mumble, which was 1.2.0 beta1.

Mumble 1.2.2
Sound system: ALSA
Gentoo Linux AMD64
Linux kernel 2.6.35/36
Qt 4.6/4.7
KDE 4.4.0 to 4.5.2
Sound card: SoundBlaster Live 24-bit


  • Mr. Rawnar

    Mr. Rawnar - 2010-10-21

    "all systray icons from all other application re-appear on the systray." Are these other applications part of the KDE -suite, in other words do they use the KDE API. As far as I know KDE has its own implementation of the systray, which is not completely compatible with the standards of freedesktop.org.

  • Nikos Chantziaras

    No, this is not the case. Other Qt-only applications that have a systray icon (QSynth, for example, it doesn't use any KDE stuff) don't have this problem. Their icon re-appears correctly when plasma is restarted.

  • Natenom

    Natenom - 2010-10-21

    I had the same problem with KDE 4.5.x; it was related to the 3D desktop; when disabled (Shift+Alt+F12) everything works fine.

  • Nikos Chantziaras

    Do you mean it's a KDE bug? I wish to point out again that Mumble is the only application that behaves like this. This is usually a sign that the problem lies with the app, since all others seem to get it right.

    Would you suggest I should open a bug in KDE's tracker, or will you guys look into this first to determine what's going wrong?

  • Mr. Rawnar

    Mr. Rawnar - 2010-10-21

    Mumble uses the system tray implementation of QT, so the disappearing icons could be a QT/KDE problem. Had a quick look into the Qsynth code, but there a new class is defined to do the system tray handling. This class also has its own constructor that tries to be more compatible with KDE.

  • Mr. Rawnar

    Mr. Rawnar - 2011-01-25

    Just found out that also under enlightenment(E17) the tray icon disappears when you restart the window manager. But when I run the example code desktop/systray from QT the tray icon does not disappear when I restart the window manager. So it probably is a QSystemTrayIcon implementation problem of mumble.

  • Mr. Rawnar

    Mr. Rawnar - 2011-01-27

    Just to make the list complete Gnome also has the problem. Removing the system tray(notification applet) from the gnome panel and adding it back will remove the mumble icon from the system tray. Again using the example code from QT does bring back the system tray icon when adding the applet back to the panel.


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