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Eve OneWay

Really minor but still annoying - The server browser always default sort on Ping wich can make the list jump around like crazy until you click on the Server name column title.

Making the sort by name would ease up the experience a bit.



  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2009-10-20

    Unfortunately, it seems public server owners have a deep desire to be first on the list, so they name their servers "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mumble server", which makes name sorting useless. The ping stabilizes after one or two passes (unless you have a very jittery net connection), and seems to be a more "fair" default sorting.

  • Chris2000SP

    Chris2000SP - 2009-10-20

    You can change it to User on Server that isn't jump around

  • Eve OneWay

    Eve OneWay - 2009-10-20

    Have to admit that the most "fair" would be by name because most people will use their "favorites" anyway and once they have it, the ping will be of minimal importance. As long as it pings, they will get on it.

    But the jumping is preventing to get on a favorite faster.

    Changing to Name or User is only an unnecessary step in my opinion.

  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2009-10-21

    Sorting by name by default makes the public server list useless, we might as well just remove it. The correct solution is to find a way to stabilize the initial pingjumps.

    I've added caching to the pings, which should make it jump quite that much if it's the same list of servers you looked at "last time" you used the browser. Should be in the next snapshot -- try it and see if it has improved for you.

  • Eve OneWay

    Eve OneWay - 2009-10-21

    Will do - Thanks a lot.

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