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Mumble (544)

I was in CoD 4 permanently kicked as a message show cod4 (kicked by PunkBuser) "corrupted file / memory 120143" Mumble was at the moment acitvated after I closed Mumble (version 1.1.8 a friend with v. 1.1.7 same fault), this error is not more and I could without problems playing


  • kapahjk

    kapahjk - 2009-03-31

    I forgot system WinXP Pro SP3
    all Updates Newest Graphics drivers

  • Snares

    Snares - 2009-03-31

    Ok, I can't quite make out what you're trying to say but I'll take some guesses.

    (1) You got kicked one time, and are not having any more problems, it was just a random event?

    (2) You are being constantly kicked by PB while you are running CoD4?

    Do you have the overlay and/or plugins enabled? Are you or any of your friends using custom textures?

  • kapahjk

    kapahjk - 2009-03-31
    1. I've always the problem when running Mumble without Mumble i dont have problems

    2. I was kickt by PB while i have running CoD4 with the same message

    3. We use none of the above

  • Snares

    Snares - 2009-04-01

    I simply do not understand why PB would be kicking you because of Mumble. Make SURE that you have tested Mumble without the plugins or overlay enabled. You have to go to the "User Interface" tab in the config, and check "Expert Config" to get the overlay and plugins tabs to show up.

  • kapahjk

    kapahjk - 2009-04-05

    I've now turned off overlay and now it works again thanks!

  • Snares

    Snares - 2009-04-07

    I just went and tested it with the latest version of PB for CoD4 with the Mumble overlay on and experienced no problems whatsoever. I suggest ensuring you have the latest PB for CoD4 and if that doesn't fix it, uninstalling Mumble, rebooting, then installing Mumble 1.1.8 again.

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