#1024 Crackles and Desync when recording


I've been using Mumble for a long time now, but I have only recently been testing the recording function. There are two problems I have encountered.

  1. Mumble sounds perfectly fine when people are just speaking, but when listening to recorded audio there are crackles and pops in various places throughout the track(s).

I thought I had solved it by selecting Multichannel instead of Downmix, but the crackles persist, although in the tests so far they seem less frequent.

Why is it that it sounds perfect when just speaking but the recording has these awful crackling noises?

  1. The tracks go wildly out of sync. I don't understand. I recorded a session with 4 people, at the same time as a game. I recorded the game and added in the mumble audio together in an editor. 31:41 minutes of Mumble, but it was as if the gaps in noise were shortened, so I had to push along the audio every few seconds.

That was in Downmix, but in Multichannel I recorded for about 1hr30, but each track had a different length, despite happening at the exact same time. 1:32:00, 1:32:09, 1:32:06, and 1:32:07. I had to push along the audio this time too.

I really enjoy using Mumble, but I really would like to see this sorted so I can get to using the recording side ASAP.



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  • Stefan H.

    Stefan H. - 2013-11-07
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