#1002 Can't hear others and no one can hear me. Also other issues

packet loss (1)

when i connect to a server i cant hear others talking and they cant hear me talking. i use audio wizard and my mic is working just fine. Also when i connect to a server it only display the root. there are other people in the room and i cant see them and they cant see me. by that i mean names and/or other rooms. Also mumble keeps crashing when i try to connect to a server the second time. Others can see im in the room but i cant see. P.S just found out im getting 90-10% packet loss and yes my internet is working just fine. This has been a problem for me since ive downloaded mumble.

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  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-08-21

    Please try disabling QoS. Some faulty network drivers or routers may get confused when they see QoS packages.

    As for the crash, crashes indicate faulty drivers. In combination with the previous; maybe your networking drivers are broken?

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-08-21
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  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-12-16
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