what is diferent between MultiX with zeroMQ

  • redX

    redX - 2012-04-23


    can someone explain the diferent about MultiX and ZeroMQ

    I think MultiX is dificult to study? :(

  • Moshe Shitrit

    Moshe Shitrit - 2012-04-23

    I read few sentences from ZeroMQ and i think that the main difference is that ZeroMQ is a kind of peer to peer messaging library which extends the concept of sockets and allows a variety of options.

    Multix is also a kind messaging library, which i think offers a lot less options in terms of protocols, languages and platfroms, but it does not stand for itself, it is part of the "MultiXTpm application Server", so the real question is "what is the difference between ZeroMQ and MultiXTpm Application Server".

    MultiXTpm is a complete  framework and runtime environment for handling, routing and monitoring inter process communitions. A good and simple example is that when you want to send a message to a process on a remote or local machine, you do not need specify the exact address or entity you send the message to, you actually send the message implicitly to the MultiXTpm process, which in turn forwards it to the correct process and monitors the message completion.

    the most important feature is the ability of MultiXTpm to inherently load balance the requests and/or replicate transactions.

    by load balance i refer to its ability to start and stop processes (configuration based) as required to process the requests.

    be replication i refer to the ability to configure that specific messages will be transparently replicated to multiple processes based on configuration based on message types and other criteria.

    to summarize, i could say the Zero MQ offers a rich API for peer to peer communications while MultiXTpm offers a system wide solution for a message bus.


  • redX

    redX - 2012-04-23

    Well, thank you for your explain moshe…, it' compact and clearly

    I hope this post is good  for all those who are studying a socket like me.

    this is my second year studying a socket programming, I've read all the information about a socket programming.
    specifically for the MultiXtpm, I have printed all the source code, all of them. it took all spent the 1000 pieces paper to printed.

    Becouse I want to know about MultiXtpm, but I'm still is not able and clear and not yet success make trial application.
    is over 2 years does not mean learning every day or every month, this might cause me who can not understand it all.
    but I am not discouraged, keep the spirit of learning, because one day it would be useful.

    I think there's enough information that I got, now it's time to determine a suitable idea and try to make the application and apply.

    I really applaud you, because it has made a very high level of application complexity, and willing to share knowledge with people. also always quick to respond the question in this forum and via email.

    thank Moshe.


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