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PDF Impossition - slight gap between pages

  • CalumPolwart

    CalumPolwart - 2006-01-17

    Firstly thanks for the tools. They seem very useful and much quicker than creating a ps file, using psutils and then creating a pdf (plus that seem to break for me!)

    I have a 32 page A5 document that I want to put into booklet format.  The pages bleed to the edge of the existing PDF and it is intended that they will 'touch' each other.  i.e. on the centre page (pages 16 and 17) there will be a heading that runs across BOTH pages.  At the moment I get a very narrow (2pt?) white line down the middle is there any way I can remove this.  Here's my command line:

    [polc1410@linux-pc ~]$ java tool.pdf.Impose -nup 2 -cropbox -sep 0 -paper A4 32pages.pdf

    I've tried without -cropbox, without -sep ?is there anything else I should be trying?  I'm confident the orginal pdf DOES bleed to the edges.

    Any comments very welcome.


    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2006-01-20

      I think what is happening is the media box and crop box are getting rounded from floating point to integers, and the rounding error is causing the slight gap.  If you email a sample PDF I could test this guess.  In the future I'll keep them as floating point.

      • CalumPolwart

        CalumPolwart - 2006-01-22

        Will send pdf ? where to and how? Will try sending a PM


    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2006-01-22


      My email is one the project homepage.  Any modern mail reader can attach files.

    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2006-01-25

      What's happening is that when the pages are rotated and scaled, the horizontal scaling factor of the original page width to the width of the box on the page and the vertical scaling factor are both calculated and the smaller one is chosen in order to uniformly scale all objects on the page.  In this case, the horizontal scaling is smaller and gets chosen, leaving the vertical scaling too small to make the top and bottom flush.  The vertical scaling is only slightly different, 0.709 vs 0.705, which results in the small gap.

      This is a weird case in the first place: This is really one page that has been split across two pages and then rejoined, which is why flush edges are desired.

      By the way, the PDF generator, Libpdf by Scribus, generates terrible PDF.  It is extremely inefficient and redundant, and has outright errors in the font widths and Trimbox.

      • CalumPolwart

        CalumPolwart - 2006-01-25

        So the solution could be to set the page size manually rather than with A4 and set it slightly wrongly - then let my printer worry about the tiny error in the paper size... Ohh - very messy!!

        I agree the case is weird.  I provided you a specimen (The real PDF is 30Mb) so its not entirely clear what it was I was try to do which is to have an A5 Booklet (A4 folded) but with the centre page all as one - which is not that unusual a concept.

        Scribus doesn't currently have capability to
        do booklets on the PDF but it can on the editing screen.  It will in future so this may not be a long term issue for me.

        Curious that you say libpdf is poor - the Scribus developers seem to think their PDF is perfect!!  But I would be tempted to agree that it seems to produce some fairly beefy PDF files!



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