Tool Licencing and Gutter vs Margin/Seperator

  • ThomasEldredge

    ThomasEldredge - 2006-03-17

    I was amazed at the speed of the imposition tool and I am trying to impliment it for use in lasering for direct mail applications. I an interested in information on obtaining commercial use licence for the command line tools and perhaps the source.
    I am also very interested in modifications to the seperator lines and margin settings with a goal of being able to set impositions with a variety of margins and gutters. I can't get in touch with Practical Thought and my emails to Tom Phelps have been comming back to me for some reason. Any help in this would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Thomas Eldredge

    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2006-03-30

      I don't know why your mails are bouncing.  Practical Thought hasn't launched, but the email sales @ is working.

    • cw1

      cw1 - 2007-10-19

      I've sent an email inquiring about commercial licensing as well and haven't gotten any reply for 3 days.  I'm potentially going to have to go with a different product.


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