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Split API?

  • Hans-Peter

    Hans-Peter - 2007-02-20

    I want to use Multivalent.jar: include it into my Java-Project an split pages.

    After some time I have come so far:

    tool.pdf.Split split = Split(new File(pdfFile));
    String[] args = new String[3];
    args[0] = "-page";
    args[1] = "1;2;3;4;5;6";
    args[2] = pdfFile;

    Astonishing enough (for me) that works, but:

    - that's probably not the way it should work
    - my java application exits after every call of split.main 
    - I have to know the number of pages of the document
    - I cannot specify the location & name of the single PDF page files

    I cannot see another way to tell "tool.pdf.Split split" to do its job.
    Who can give any help?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2007-05-23

      As the licenses web page states, tools are licensed for manual use from the command-line only.  Programmatic APIs and commercial use licenses are available from


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