zeelay - 2007-11-01


Thank you for this very usefull foot ;)
I use Multivalent to create A5 booklets and it works fine.
But I would like to create smaller booklets and I need a space between the pages, a safety space to fold and cut proprely as seen in blue on this example :

Could it be possible to have an additional option to do it.
Maybe by defining a grid with usable or non-usable squares, for example :
-hgrid 5mm 70mm 0mm 70mm 7mm 70mm 0mm 70mm 5mm
-vgrid 5mm 97mm 6mm 97mm 5mm

the odd values (the 5, 6 an 0 mm in this example) would be automaticallt non-usable to place pages.
the even values would be automatically used to include the pages.

So it would be possible to create a profession

Thank you.


PS : forgive my strange english, Im a frenchy ;)