zeelay - 2007-11-01

Hello again,

I first have to say that I made a mistake : my first message (Imposition) have been send by mistake. Could it be possible to kill it (and this line too) ?
The message (Imposition with margins) is the good on !

So I wanted to add another suggestion about imposing.

If we could seperate the pages with margins, it would be usefull to have cropping marks (I don’t know the real word in english) to know where to cut the paper. In the desktop publishing for printing machines, we add small lines, outside the page like in this example :
Note : they don’t touch the page, even in the corners.

It would be possible to specify this option in the command line. It could look like :

-dmarks 5mm -lmarks 3mm -tmark 1pt

dmarks would be for the distance between the corner and the mark ;
lmarks the length of the mark ;
tmark the thickness.

Note : if the space between two usable squares is 0 then there is no mark drawn.

Hoping that these ideas will interest you  ;)

Best regards,


PS : you can write directely to me at : igor.barzilai@free.fr , so I can send you pictures or examples.