Moving to Java 5

Tom Phelps
  • Tom Phelps

    Tom Phelps - 2006-04-04

    I have been holding off moving to Java 5 until it was available
    on Macintosh OS X.  Now that it is, I will start requiring Java 5
    some time this year.

    The next release of Multivalent will run on Java 1.4,
    but is there any reason hold off moving to Java 5 any longer?
    Is there any technical (non-political) reason for sticking
    with Java 1.4?

    • Leif

      Leif - 2007-09-25

      I realize this is an old post, but now is there any thought, plan, testing going on for Java 6?  We are currently moving to Java 6 and have found that there is some problem with the pdfcompress tool at least under Java 6.  I have logged a bug report, but being that this is a critical problem for us I have had to start looking elsewhere for a new pdf compression tool even though we have been happy so far.

    • Dan Villiom P. Christiansen

      Unfortunately, Java 6 isn't available for Mac OS X, yet. Well, a preview for x86_64 can be downloaded, but that doesn't help PowerPC users like me, or people with one of the earliest Intel Macs. So if Mac support is a priority, Java 6 is no-go. And that sucks.


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