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Nesting the library

  • luthermyk

    luthermyk - 2006-10-02


    I'm trying to nest the library in an applet for viewing PDF documents. I've got problems when the library tries to access to sys/ directory. For example when Browser class tries to execute the following line:

    di = new DocInfo(URLs.toURI(getClass().getResource("/sys/Splash.html")));

    I get the following error:

    "Relative path in absolute URI: jar:http://localhost:8080/Smultivalent.jar!/sys/Splash.html"

    Can anyone give me any tip of this problem?


    • Dr. Jason Barraclough

      Hey there luthermyk,

      Just an idea, it may or may not work- try un-jar on the Multivalent library and then jar it back up again with your applet code before you reference it from your web page.  It sounds like the <applet> tag you are using in your page is not setting a proper path or something...  If you keep it all as a single jar file that should eliminate the problem I think.   Hope it works!


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