• rudiw

    rudiw - 2006-06-20

    Running Multivalent20060102.jar on Gentoo Linux
    2.6.15, I find that I have a Preferences.txt file in my .Multivalent/personal directory.  This gets overwritten each time the program is run.

    I was hoping to set the preferred window geometry and the directory in which to store the annos.hub files.  But the contents of the file are being ignored and the file is overwritten with the defaults instead.

    Am I misinterpreting the purpose of that file?
    Is there any other way to change these settings?


    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2006-06-20

      You have to first quit the browser, then edit the file.  Then the changed values persist.  I just tried it myself, but let me know if this is not working for you.

    • rudiw

      rudiw - 2006-06-21


      At first, I find this commented:
      #set    startup-geom    640x700@200,0

      I edit this to read:
      set     startup-geom    1024x768@0,0

      Now I start multivalent, it comes up with a 640x700 window.  I increase the window size manually and exit.  Now it says:
      set     startup-geom    1020x739@-2,-3

      Close enough.  But when I start multivalent again, I'm back to the 640x700 window.  Exiting, this time without fiddling with the window, I get:
      #set    startup-geom    640x700@200,0

      ie the original settings including the comment character.

      I thought I did something wrong, so I posted here, but maybe it's better to resubmit it as a bug?

      By the way, is it possible to pass the name of the file to be edited as a command line option somehow?


    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2006-06-21

      The *-geom settings are supposed to be taken from the current window dimensions -- you simply move and resize a browser window, and those dimensions are saved when you quit.  But there is a bug that is saving the new information to a different place that it is read -- I wasn't able to replicate what you're describing, but in any event it will be fixed in the next version.

    • rudiw

      rudiw - 2006-06-21

      Thanks, I'll be looking out for it!

      I appreciate these configuration things are minor issues but if you use a program a lot (as I have multivalent over the last few days), they do make a difference.  I use it to annotate scientific journal papers - I always wanted to be able to work with pdf files rather than printed copies; so thanks for developing this project.


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