NullPointerException using Web Start

  • jmromero

    jmromero - 2007-11-13

    I'm using Multivalent with this features:

    -Windows 2000 SP4
    -java version 1.6.0_03
    -java Web Start 1.6.0_03

    I obtain a NullPointerException using Java Web Start, but the application functions well if i don´t use Java Web Start.

    My code is the following:

    (1) Multivalent multivalent = Multivalent.getInstance();
    (2) Browser browser = multivalent.getBrowser("_NEW", "Basic", false);

    I obtain the following NullPointerException in line (2)

        at Source)
        at Source)
        at multivalent.std.MediaLoader.load(Unknown Source)
        at multivalent.Browser.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at multivalent.Multivalent.getBrowser(Unknown Source)

    I test my application with Multivalent20040415.jar and it crash too:

        at multivalent.Multivalent.findJARs(
        at multivalent.Multivalent.getInstance(

    ¿Anybody have run multivalent with web start?
    ¿Am i doing something wrong?


    • jskolden

      jskolden - 2008-01-22

      Hi there,

      I'm having the same problem with MultiValent and WebStart. Looks like a (incorrect) permission-denied. I've signed my application so it should have access to the file... Sadly, the source-code of the is not available (at least I cannot find it), so it's hard to say what's really going on.
      If someone has a workaround I would be glad to hear of it.

      Kind regards,
      JS Koldenhof, The Netherlands

      Btw, i'm using java 1.6, Multivalent20060102.jar, IE7.0, XP


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