Multivalent version that works with java 1.3

  • Anonymous - 2003-08-28

    Is there a Multivalent version that works with Java 1.3?

    I'm specifically looking for PDF indexing with Lucene/Multivalent and running into the problem of not having which is a 1.4 class.


    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2003-08-28

      There is no version of Multivalent for Java 1.3.  Between Sun and IBM, there is a Java 1.4 for quite a few OSes -- what OS can run Java 1.3 but not 1.4?  Depending on your requirements, one possibility might be to generate indexes on a machine with Java 1.4 and run the searches on Java 1.3.

    • Anonymous - 2003-08-29

      Tom, Thanks for the Reply.

      If the only thing I want to do is extracting text out of a PDF file (using ExtractText.extract method), would you recommend changing the source for ExtractText to replace references with something else and using this class (and other references without java 1.4 ones) outside Multivalent.jar?

    • Tom Phelps

      Tom Phelps - 2003-08-29

      I suppose that would work, but I'd still like to hear what OS runs Java 1.3 but not 1.4.

    • Anonymous - 2003-09-03

      It is not a question of the OS, rather company policies! Thanks.


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