Call to undefined function: this_vendors_id()

  • Piero Trono

    Piero Trono - 2005-12-22

    an user wrote:
    When I try to register a new customer, this is the what I got;

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: this_vendors_id() in /home/pinoyovv/public_html/shop/create_account.php on line 227

    How can I correct htis error?

    • Piero Trono

      Piero Trono - 2005-12-22

      perhaps, it's an error of configuration:
      your error message tell that the function this_vendors_id(), called in the file create_account.php, is not found.

      this (php-multishop) function is defined at top of the file includes/functions/general.php:
      then, check your file general.php

      are you using all the original files of php-multishop package?

    • piro biro

      piro biro - 2005-12-28

      No, first when I install the store side of php-multishop I added the register global patch files of osCommerce then I added the Update-osc-20051113 in the package. I use the multishop-devel-0.8

      Also I corrected the error by doing the following;

      1. I commented the this_vendor_id() function to disable it.

      2. Commented the check nickname and check email of php-multishop to disable it and its now working.

    • Piero Trono

      Piero Trono - 2005-12-28

      NO !
      it is not the the correct way to use php-multishop.
      if you comment (disable) some functions of php-multishop, the correct working will be compromised.
      The 'this_vendor_id()' function is important to integrate the store-side to the rest of the platform (portal-side and other stores).

      If you change the code (e.g. overwritting some external patch) or disabling some functions, the working of the platform can work fine 'apparently', but not properly.
      If you apply a patch, overwrite some file, then get an error like "called undefined function...", it means that before of your changes there was a function that you deleted after.
      Then, you must 'merge' your desired patch with the original code of php-multishop.


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