I sent the following email to the MultiMail author (William McBrine) in July of this year but did not receive a response. Does anyone know the status of MultiMail and its author?
Hi, I’m the author of Synchronet BBS software, one of the few remaining supported and developed BBS software packages and ever fewer that have internal QWK support.
Anyway, I was working on the QWKE support in Synchronet (the QWKE support was very incomplete to date) and was using Multimail (the current source snapshot of 0.50 from sourceforge) and have been trying to complete the QWKE support in Multimail (e.g. supporting “To” fields > 25 chars) and have been considering adding support for Synchronet QWK HEADERS.DAT file (which makes all the QWKE “standard” and other kludge lines unnecessary). I was curious if you are still working on Multimail, excepting patches, want to discuss what I’ve found so far with QWKE support, etc.?
This email address will work fine for correspondence, but I’m also often in #synchronet at irc.synchro.net (as
digitalman) if you’re so inclined.
Thanks for supporting BBSes and QWK!