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A new version soon...

This "dictionary" is soon going to be hosted on my university server. The website in a phrase of recoding, going from PHP to JSP in order to implement Lucene, an open source search engine written in Java.

By the end of June we should have something that works, and with a code that I believe will be much cleaner than what I've been doing with PHP (thank you François).

Posted by Trang 2007-05-13

New desgin + "HELP" section translated

I made a new design, which I think is better than the previous one.

I updated the "help" section and translated it into French.

Posted by Trang 2007-02-04

New feature : Edit in place, and with colors!

It is now possible to "edit in place" the sentences in certain sections. The system to "link the words" has been improved a lot thanks to the color system. The script doesn't work on all browsers though. Not yet.

Posted by Trang 2006-12-09

Update : modifications require login + password

Well, since I'm planning to let more people know about this tool, I eventually got myself to change the code so that it requires to be logged in to modidy anything in the database. Hopefully it's not too flawed.

Posted by Trang 2006-08-24

First news : help wanted

I am not a programmer and my code may have a lot of flaws. I know that the chances that someone reads this is close to zero but whatever : I'm looking for people who could review my code and suggest me solutions to make it more secure and effective.

Besides of helping me on reviewing the code, if you are interested in joining me to develop this dictionary, you are greatly welcomed as I will not (and cannot) really work on the code for perhaps a month or two.

Posted by Trang 2006-08-18

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